The 1800 census of Washington County in the Territory Northwest of the River Ohio and the 1803 census of Washington County, Ohio, have been microfilmed on microfilm series M1804, roll number 1, which is also called FHL microfilm number 2,155,491.

This roll is entitled "Second Census of the United States, 1800: Population Schedules, Washington County, Territory Northwest of the River Ohio; and Population Census, 1803: Washington County, Ohio." 

It was compiled by Claire Prechtel-Kluskens of the National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, DC, in 1994.

The microfilm operator was Sieh Loretta, filmed on 5 Apr 1995, at 17 x reduction on film emulsion number 2461-0258-015-02, as Project Number M1804, Roll Number 1.

The introduction states: "In 1962, all of the schedules reproduced on this roll of microfilm were in the Campus Martius Museum, Marietta, Ohio.  That year they were loaned to the National Archives for microfilming through the courtesy of the Museum, the Ohio Historical Society, and the Commissioners of Washington County, Ohio.  At that time, the negative microfilm was turned over to the Marietta College Library, while the positive was placed in the Microfilm Reading Room of the National Archives, Washington, DC."

It goes on to explain that the original microfilm GR4 became scratched and in 1994 it was assigned a new number, M1804, in order to issue it as an official National Archives Microfilm Publication.

"The census schedules on this roll were unbound, with the 1800 schedules in one bundle and those of 1803 in another.  The arrangement of the schedules is alphabetical by name of township as shown in the following Table of Contents."

The townships in 1800 are listed in this order: Adams, Belpre, Gallipolis, Marietta, Middletown, Newport, Newtown, Salem, Waterford.