Washington County, Ohio


Found in various Thursday Morning editions of the Athens Messenger (Athens, Ohio)
In the Surrounding Counties Section of Washington County, Ohio.

Spellings of names are copied as printed in the newspaper. I have noticed many misspellings of names, probably due to the fact that the newspaper printed the name as it sounded.



Alcock, Louisa Miss
Barker, Major George W.
Barnett, Peter
Baumgartner, Three Children
Berry, wife of Capt. J. H. Berry
Body of an infant
Buell, Edward W.
Campbell, John O
Clidden, Mrs. J. G.
Clough, David
Dabold, Jacob
Dibble, Collis
Duden, Clouse
Dunlevy, Mr.
Fay, S. H.
Ferguson, Miss R. A.
Fouranke, Lieut.
Gaffen, Mr. John
Galbreath, Donald
Gleason, Johnny
Goddard, Mrs. Rebecca
Hatch, Mrs. Hannah Fay
Jackson, Mrs. Eliza
Johnson, Colored Man
Johnson, Daniel Mr.
Kitts, Mrs. Jan
Langley, Mr. Henry
Lauer, Mrs.
Mankins, Mrs. Betsy
Marks, John
Miller, Jos.
Moore, L. F. Mr.
Moore, Mrs. & Mrs. John
Morgan, Miss Alice C.
Morris, Thomas J.
Mugridge, Augustus
Murphy, Archibald
Northrop, Henry
Nott, William
Oldham Hon. Wylie H.
Oldham, father of Mr.
Painter, Wm.
Pontus, Jacob
Porterfield, Mrs. Ann M.
Price, Lafayette
Price, Lafayette
Robinson, E. R.
Roush, Miss Olive
Russell, Ellis
Scott, Capt., Wm. W.
Sheilds (tramp)
Sherf, Gustave A.
Soist, son of John Soist
Stacy, Edgar H.
Sturgiss, Mrs. Martha
Theis, Catharine
William, Robbie


February 25, 1875
Mrs. Betsy MANKINS, one of the oldest citizens of Dunham township, died on the 13 inst., aged 90 years.

March 4, 1875
Mrs. Catharine THEIS, wife of Peter THEIS, of Harmar, died on Tuesday of last week, aged 55 years.

March 4, 1875
Mr. and Mrs. John MOORE, aged respectively, 86 and 87, both died on the same day recently in Washington county.

March 11, 1875
Mr. E. R. ROBINSON, of Robinson’s Mills, on Duck Creek, died on Wednesday, February 25th, aged 81 years. He settled there in 1829, and has remaines in the same place ever since.

March 11, 1875
Donald GALBREATH, aged 75, died at his residence near Belpre on the 25th ult. He was a native of Scotland and had lived on the farm where he died about twenty years.

March 18, 1875
Mrs. Martha A., wife of J. W. STURGISS, of Marietta, died Monday morning of last week.

March 25, 1875
Mrs. Rebecca GODDARD, who had been a resident of Fairfield, Washington county, for 58 years, recently died in her 88th year. She was noted for her consistent christian character.

March 25, 1875
Lieut. FOURAKER, who recently died in Marietta, had been an invalid since April 8th, 1862 in consequence of wounds received at the battle of Shiloh. His wounds paralyzed his lover extremities so that he has never been able to walk.

April 1, 1875
Jacob PONTUS a middle aged resident of Salem township died quite suddenly on the 22nd of March.

April 8, 1875
John MARKS, a former Marietta merchant, died on the 16th of January at Providence, Rhode Island.

April 15, 1875
Miss Olive ROUSE, aged 56, a daughter of Stephen ROUSE, an orginial pioneer, recently deceased at Belpre.

April 22, 1875
the wife of Capt. J. H. BERRY, or Williamstown, died Tuesday, March 30th, aged 60 years.

April 29, 1875
Mr. DUNLEVY, aged 78, and Mr. Jos. MILLER, recently died in Belpre.

April 29, 1875
Capt. Wm. W. SCOTT, formerly of Harmar, died recently at Alamedo, California.

May 6, 1875
Peter BARNETT, of Barlow township, aged 90, recently fell into the fire receiving injuries from which he died on the following day.

May 6, 1875
Gustave A. SCHERF, formerly teacher of German in the Marietta Public Schools died on the 1st of last month at Mt. Union College.

May 13, 1875
Mr. Ellis RUSSELL, who was recently shot and killed at Cutler by a drunken negro, is represented as a kind and affectionate man and highly esteemed by all.

May 13, 1875
On Monday of last week the death of Edward W. BUELL, of Marietta, was announced from New York City. H had been absent about ten days on a business trip and it had not been known that he was unwell.

May 13, 1875
Henry NORTHOP, a carpenter who disappeared from Marietta, in January, was first heard from about the 1st of this month through the matron of a benevolent Hospital in Pittsburg, stating that he had died in that institution on the 28 ult.

May 27, 1875
Mrs. Hannah Fay HATCH, sister of the late Wm. FAY, of Marietta, who was the last survivor of her family, recently died at Peoria, Illinois.

June 10, 1875
Miss S. H. FAY, of Marietta, recently died, after a lingering illness of cnsumption. She is said to have been an artist of rare attainments.

June 17, 1875
A midnight funeral occurred in Marietta, on Friday night the 4th inst.--A son of Mr. John SOIST--a lad aged eight or ten years, who died with small-pox the day previous--was laid in the grave at the solemn hour, by a few faithful friends.

June 24, 1875
Mrs. Ann M. PORTERFIELD, aged 90, of Belpre, died on the 11th inst.

June 24, 1875
Mr. John GAFFEN died in Marietta, on Monday of last week, of small-pox, after a few days illness. There were no new cases of that disease reported last week in that city.

June 24, 1875
Mrs. Jan KITTS died, at “Fifteen,” on the 10th inst., of small-pox. This is the second fatal case that has occurred there; that of Mr. Hiram HENDERSHOT being the other.

July 8, 1875
Mr. Collis DIBBLE, aged 80, and old resident of Marietta, died suddenly on the 26th ult.

July 8, 1875
Johnny GLEASON, of Harmar, aged four years, was recently drowned in the Muskingum at that place.

July 8, 1875
The death of Jacob DABOLD of Marietta, was the third fatal case of small-pox that had occurred in that city.

July 22, 1875
The funeral services of Mr. Clouse DUDEN here held in the M. E. Church, at Harmar, on the 10inst., and were largely attended.

July 29, 1875
Major George W. BARKER, a native of this county, died in Barton county, Missouri, on the 18th inst., aged 73 years.

August 5, 1875
John O.CAMPBELL, formerly of Cutler, this county, fireman on a paymaster’s train on the Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Lafayette railroad, was shot and instantly killed, at Greensburgh, Indiana, on the night of July 21st.

August 5, 1875
The following tribute appeared in the last number of the Marietta Register: Editor Register: We, the children of the Home, wish to express our sympathy with the family of Mr. OLDHAM, in the loss of a kind father, as well as our sorrow, in the loss of a true friend and guardian. We will remember his kind and cheering words on last Christmas Day. We also remember his self-sacrificing example at our Exhibition in giving up his place to others, when the schoolroom was full. We feel very sad to think that we shall see his smiling face no more, but home that we many live, so as to be prepared to meet him in that Home where sorrow and parting are not known.

August 12, 1875
The late Hon. Wylie H. OLDHAM was in his 55th year at the time of his death.

August 12, 1875
A colored man, by the name of JOHNSON, was drowned on the head of Blennerhassett Island, on Monday of last week, while drifting.

August 12, 1875
Three children, members of a family, living near Harmar, by the name of BAUMGARTNER, recently died within a few days of each other, with

August 12, 1875
Thomas J. MORRIS, colored, a driver of a private express in Marietta, was recently stricken with apoplexy while seated in his wagon, he died in a few hours.

August 19, 1875
Mr. Daniel JOHNSON, aged 57, of the firm of John & Adams of Belpre, died Monday evening, August 9th, of brain affection.

August 19, 1875
A man by the name of Lafayette PRICE, while trying to cross the Muskingum River, on Thursday, six miles north of Marietta, was drowned.

August 19, 1875
Mr. Henry LANGLEY, a former well know citizen of Marietta died at St. Luke’s Hospital, St. Louis, on July 27th, from Injuries received May 13th while painting a water tank on a Railroad.

August 19, 1875
Monday, of last week, as workmen were engaged in clearing the rubbish from the country road, passing through Dunham township, they discovered the body of a woman, in an advanced stage of decomposition. She was a young woman, probably not over twenty years of age; her head, arms and legs had been cut off with some sharp instrument, except the bone of one leg, which seems to have been cut off with an ax. No marks on the body and no clothing. The Corner’s jury found the woman came to her death at the hands of some person or persons unknown.

August 26, 1875
A tramp named SHEILDS, who with two others was stealing a ride, was killed by the cars near Belpre, on Tuesday, 17th inst.

August 26, 1875
At Lowell, on the 11th inst., a young man named Lafayette PRICE was carried over the dam in the Muskingum and drowned. He was crossing in a skiff and an oar breaking he jumped out, loosing his life as stated.

September 9th 1875
Miss Louisa ALCOCK, daughter of Mr. Nelson S. ALCOCK, died at her home in Harmar, on Tuesday forenoon of last week, of consumption.

September 16, 1875
Miss R. A. FERGUSON, of Watertown, died in that place on the 2d. Her funeral was held on the 3d, at the Presbyterian church.

September 16, 1875
Miss Alice C. MORGAN, foster-daughter of Mr. Wm. C. MORGAN, formerly of the National House, Marietta, died on the 4th of Aug., at their residence, near Cleves, Ohio, in the 25th year of her age.

September 30, 1875
Robbie WILLIAMS, son of Robt. WILLIAMS, of Beverly, was drowned in teh Muskingum, at that place, last Thursday evening, 16th inst.

October 7, 1875
The Marietta Register learns that David Clough, of Iowa, a former resident of Belpre, was gored to death by a mad bull recently.

October 14, 1875
A man named Augustus MUGRIDGE, whose family reside in Macksburg, this county, fell from a freight train near Dover on the 2st ints., and was instantly killed.

October 21, 1875
Mr. L. F. MOORE, who has been a resident of Marietta for some four or five years, died on the 10th inst., quite unexpectedly.

October 28, 1875
Edgar H. STACY, son of Mr. C. F. STACY, of Rainbow, aged 24, died on the 2d inst., on Cave Creek, in Arkansas, from disease contracted while working in a lead mine.

October 28, 1875
William NOTT, of Marietta, an employee at the Rolling Mills, was seriously, perhaps fatally, injured on the morning of the 12th inst., by being struck on the head by a bar of iron which turned as it was being passed through a machine.

November 4, 1875
The body of an infant child was found concealed among the rocks in the quarry up Mile Run, recently.--The Corner’s jury decided that the child was still-born.

November 18, 1875
Archibald MURPHY, of Dunham township, who died recently, bequeaths $300 to the United Presbyterian Church; $300 to the Home Mission of said church; and $300 to the Board of Education of the Church.

November 25, 1875
Mrs. Eliza JACKSON, the oldest person in Belpre township, died Nov. 13, aged 90 years.

December 2, 1875
Mrs. LAUER, aged 85(?), of Lower Salem, died last week.

December 9, 1875
Mrs. J. G. CLIDDEN, of Marietta, died suddenly on the 29th ult., of paralysis.

December 9, 1875
Wm. PAINTER, formerly of Marietta, and late of St. Joe, Missouri, where he was engaged as a superintendent of a section of bridge hands on the St. Joseph & Council Bluffs Railroad was recently killed by being run over by the cars.


Extracted by Debbie Noland Nitsche
August 2004