Found in various Thursday Morning editions of the Athens Messenger (Athens, Ohio)

In the Surrounding Counties Section of Washington County, Ohio.

Spellings of names are copied as printed in the newspaper. I have noticed many misspellings of names, probably due to the fact that the newspaper printed the name as it sounded.


Abbott, Mr.
Armstrong, Coen (bro. in-law of Mr. Nixon)
Armstrong, Polly (African-American)
Atkinson, Wm. H.
Babcock, John
Barnes, Mr. Vatchell
Battelle, Rev. E. Sr.
Behrends, Mrs. Anna M. (of Adair Co., Mo.-sister of Mrs. Haskins)
Bendenhall, Mrs. Ellen
Biszantz, M. Conrad
Butler, Mrs. Eunice B. (mo. in-law of Mr. M. P. Wells)
Campbell, Moses
Collins, son of Francis E.
Connell, Miss Mary (dau. of M. Connell)
Cook, O. M.
Davenport, Mr.
Davis, O. L.
Dead body of young infant
Dobbin, Anthony
Drake, dau. of Mrs. Drake
Dye, Geo. W.
Dye, Mr. Amos
Dye, William (son of Jonathan Dye)
Eddy, son of Peter Eddy
Elston, Mr.
Fearing, Mrs. Henry
Frank, Henry
Gatton, Mary
Gittings, Jeremiah
Gould, J. P.
Grimm, son of Mrs.
Kelly, Henry
Kropp, August
Lane, Edward (son of Wm. Lane)
Larkin, Mrs., ???? of Lyman Larkin (Prob. wf? Article hard to read)
Lasure, three children of Calvin Lasure
Leget, Robert
Mackey, Wm. C.
Marshall, John
Marshall, Mrs. Sarah B. (widow of John Marshall)
Miller, dau. of August Miller
Nye, Mrs. Ichabod
Padan, Miss Anna Belle
Parlin, Benjamin
Parr, child of Vashel Parr
Porter, Amos
Porterfield, two children of John D. Porterfield
Proctor, Wm. (father of Lizzie Proctor)
Richards, Lillie & Emma (daus. of D. J. Richards)
Scott, Richard
Sharp, Mrs. Rebecca L. (wf. of Charles T. Sharp)
Sprout, James
Stanley, Capt. Wallace S.
Stone, Mrs. J. F.
Thompson, dau. of Bloomfield Thompson
Thompson, Miss Elizabeth
Torpy, Lizzie (dau. of Mr. & Mrs. D. B. Torpy)
Weisman, Jacob
Yates, Mrs. Mary J.
Young, Charles (son of Theobald Young - 2 notices)


January 6, 1876
Mrs. Ichabod NYE, of Marietta, died on Tuesday of Last week.

January 6, 1876
Mr. Vatchell BARNES, of Grandview township, died recently at his home at the mouth of Mile Creek above Matamoras.

January 6, 1876
Rev. E. BATTELLE, Sr., aged ninety-seven years and six months, died in Marietta on Monday. He was the oldest man in the county, and perhaps the oldest minister in the State.

January 6, 1876
On the day before Christmas, an eight year old boy named Charles YOUNG, youngest son of the late Theobald YOUNG, of Salem township, while crossing a food-log over Bear Creek, accidentally fell into the creek and was drowned. (See other death notice Jan. 13, 1876)

January 13, 1876
Polly ARMSTRONG, colored, aged 55, who lived at Devol’s Dam, dropped dead, in Marietta, on the 2d inst.

January 13, 1876
A 14 year old boy, named YOUNG, fell from a fool log into Bear Creek, a few miles west of Salem, on the 31st ult., and was drowned.

January 13, 1876
A little child of Mr. Vachel PARR, of Grandview, Washington county, fell over the river bank into the river the 28th ult., and although taken out within five minutes, life was extinct.

January 13, 1876
The Marietta Times says: “A young lady, a daughter of Mr. August MILLER, of Grandview township, was drowned Sunday night, Dec. 26th, by falling off a foot-log, that crosses Archer’s Fork in front of her father’s store door, into the water. The heavy rains of Sunday had swollen the stream very much and when was swept away rapidly and drowned. Her body was not recovered until the next day.”

January 20, 1876
D. J. RICHARDS, Esq., a former prominent business man of this county, near Zanesville, recently lost two children, Lillie and Emma, from diphtheria.

January 27, 1876
Mr. Amos DYE, of this city, died Wednesday, 19th inst. He was about 70 years old.

January 27, 1876
Richard SCOTT, Esq., of Ludlow township, died at his home near Scott Town on Friday, the 14th inst., after a protracted illness.

January 27, 1876
John MARSHALL, for the last forty-five years a resident of Marietta, died after a brief illness, at his residence, on the 14th inst., at the age of 69.

February 3, 1876
Mr. John MARSHALL, one of the oldest, most prosperous and best known citizens of Marietta, died quite unexpectedly, last month.

February 3, 1876
It doesn’t appear from the report of the occurrence as published in the Marietta papers, that the recent death, by drowning, of Mr. August KROPP, of that city was the result of suicide.

February 10, 1876
Edward LANE, a boy aged about 12 years, and son of Wm. LANE, was accidentally killed at Cliff Coal Mines, Adams township, about noon, Sunday, January 23d, by the giving away of a side track which threw a number of loaded coal cars upon him.

February 17, 1876
M. Conrad BISZANTZ, who, at the time of his death, was the oldest German citizen, of this county, died on the 4th inst.

February 24, 1876
Mr. ABBOTT, aged 68, a farmer near Belpre, died recently of cancer of the stomach.

February 24, 1876
Mr. Henry FRANK, aged 75, clothing merchant of Marietta, committed suicide in Cincinnati, on Monday of last week, by hanging.

February 24, 1876
Mr. Benjamin PARLIN, a highly respected citizen of Warren township, died at his residence near Tunnel Station, on Wednesday morning.

February 24, 1876
Mrs. Eunice B. BUTLER, aged 72, mother-in-law of Mr. M. P. WELLS, of Marietta, was taken suddenly ill, on Monday evening of last week, and died in a a few hours.

February 24, 1876
Miss Mary CONNELL, daughter of Mr. M. CONNELL, of Dunbar Station, this county, died very suddenly last Saturday evening, 12th inst. She was in her usual health until the hour of her death.

March 9, 1876
Mrs. Rebecca L. SHARP, wife of Mr. Charles T. SHARP, of Harmar, recently dropped dead, instantly, while in apparent good health, and busy as usual with her household duties.

March 9, 1876
Mr. Jeremiah GITTINGS for so many years proprietor of the American House, Beverly, and more recently of Zanesville, died in Harmar, February 24th of cancer of the stomach.

March 16, 1876
Wm. H. ATKINSON, of Marietta, aged 27 years, died Sunday afternoon of last week.

March 16, 1876
The dead body of a very young infant, with a brick tied to it, and wrapped in a piece of calico, was dragged out of the river, below Harmer [sic] Landing, on Tuesday of last week.

March 16, 1876
Mr. Amos PORTER was the last of the 48 original pioneers who landed at point Harmer. He died in 1861, aged 92. He was says the Marietta Register, a resident of this county the interval of 73 years, being 19 when the settlement was made.

March 23, 1876
J. P. GOULD, formerly a teacher in Marietta High School, and long a resident of this county, says the Register, died recently, at his home in Northern Ohio, of consumption.

April 6, 1876
Moses CAMPBELL, of this county, recently deceased, us in his 76th year, and had been a resident of the county 50 years.

April 6, 1876
Mr. Coen ARMSTRONG, brother-in-law of Mr. NIXON, County Recorder, died at his home in Waterford township, Sunday of last week.

April 13, 1876
Mr. Wm PROCTOR, an esteemed citizen of Salem township, was, on Monday of last week, found dead by his daughter Lizzie, in a coal mine where he had been at work. A huge mass of slate stone which completely blocked the passage, had fallen upon him.

April 13, 1876
Mr. James SPROUT, of Salem township, says the Register, went out Thursday morning to help feed his stock, started to carry a bundle of hay to his sheep, when all at once he became faint and sat down. In a few moments he got up and went back to the house, complained of blindness and laid down on the bed and died instantly. He was in his usual health, save a cold, had no heart disease or any other as we could learn.

April 20, 1876
Wm. C. MACKEY, of Harmar, died on the 10th. He was 76 years old.

April 27, 1876
Mrs. Anna M. BEHRENDS, aged 55, of Adair county, Missouri, died very suddenly in Marietta, on the night of the 17th inst., at the residence of her sister, Mrs. HASKINS.

May 4, 1876
(This was very hard to read)
The funeral of Mrs. LARKIN, ???? of Lyman LARKIN, took place on the 2?d ult., at the M. E. Church, of Barlow. She was a consistent member of that church for over sixty years.

May 4, 1876
A three year old child of a Mrs. DRAKE, of Belpre, died Friday afternoon last, from the effects of alkali which it drank the day previously.--Its mother, says the Belpre News, “was washing and had a bottle of the lye standing by her for use, the child asked for a drink of water and immediately took up the bottle and swallowed the contents.”

May 11, 1876
Miss Elizabeth THOMPSON, the “fat girl,” aged 10 years, of Liberty township, this county, died the 19th ult.--Her weight was about 400 pounds.

May 11, 1876
Mrs. GRIMM, says the Register, whose death occurred at Pinchville, on the 24th, of pneumonia, lost a son about two weeks previous and there is another son also sick with the same disease.

May 18, 1876
Lizzie, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. B. TORPY, whose birth we announced as of April 7th, says the Marietta Register, died last Friday, by a mistake in administering medicine.

May 18, 1876
Geo. W. DYE, of Marietta, a recent graduate of the Columbus Medical College, died quite suddenly at Sisterville, West Va., on the 4th inst., at which place he as commenced the practice of medicine.

May 25, 1876
Henry KELLY, who was Marshal of Marietta from 1860 to 1865, died at his residence in that city, on Tuesday night, 16th inst.

June 1, 1876
Mr. John BABCOCK, of Harmar, was found dead on the steps of Washington Street School House early Wednesday morning of last week. At the time of going to press the Register had not learned the cause of his death.

June 8, 1876
Jacob WEISMAN, aged about 7? years, died on Mile Run. Thursday of last week.

June 29, 1876
The Register notices the probable fatal injuries to a ten-year old son of Mr. Francis E. COLLINS of Grandview, by a runaway team.

June 29, 1876
On the night of the 15th inst., the two sons and daughter of Mr. Calvin LASURE, who lives near Cedarville in this county, perished in the flames of their dwelling. Their ages were respectively 23, 21, and 19.

July 13, 1876
The Register says O. M. COOK, of Palmer, whose death occurred last Saturday, had lived all his life is what now is Palmer township. He had lived 27 years on the farm which he owned at his death.

July 20, 1876
Miss Anna Belle PADAN, of Belpre, died on the 10th inst., of typhoid fever.

July 20, 1876
A little son of Mr. Peter EDDY, of this county, was recently drowned while bathing in the Ohio river at Cochransville, Monroe county.

July 20, 1876
The Marietta Times says: William DYE, son of Mr. Jonathan DYE, of this city is, among the killed in the horrible massacre under General Custer by the Indians.

July 27, 1876
Capt. Wallace S. STANLEY, of Salem, says the Marietta Times, died last Saturday morning after a lingering illness. He was a member of the 36th Ohio Regiment and served until the close of the war.

August 3, 1876
Two old men, Mr. DAVENPORT, of Newport, and Mr. ELSTON, of Marietta, died on Saturday, July 15th.

August 10, 1876
Mrs. Henry FEARING, of Harmar, died Sunday of last week, aged 75.

August 17, 1876
Mrs. Sarah B. MARSHALL, says the Marietta Times, widow of the late John MARSHALL, died last Saturday night, of cancer of the womb. She was in her 47th year.

August 17, 1876
Mrs. Ellen MENDENHALL, aged 28, died in Belpre on Sunday of last week, after a lingering illness, of consumption. She left two children wholly orphaned, she being a widow.

August 31, 1876
An escaped lunatic, named Anthony DOBBIN, while attempting to cross the track of the M. C. railway at Marietta on Friday, was run over by a freight train, and instantly killed.--No blame attached to the company.

September 7, 1876
Mrs. J. F. STONE of Belpre, age about 36, died in that place on Tuesday of last week.

September 7, 1876
On the 24th ult., while O. L. DAVIS and wife, near Belpre, were making preparations to go to the Harvest Home picnic, his horse reared up and fell over backwards, killing himself instantly.

September 14, 1876

Last Friday, on the farm of Mrs. GATTON, near Barlow, while a boy was going to the house caring a pitch fork on his shoulder, Mary GATTON, a child, came running after him and one of the tines entered her eye passing into the brain. She lived till Sunday, being unconscious from the time of the accident. She was about seven years old.

September 28, 1876
Mrs. Mary J. YATES, aged 24, died at her residence in Cedarville, on Friday last.

September 28, 1876
John D. PORTERFIELD, of Commerce, Missouri, says the Register, came to Marietta, Where he formerly lived, last week to perform the sad duty of the burial of two children, whose remains he brought.

September 28, 1876
A wretch named Bloomfield THOMPSON, who lives in the neighborhood of “Turkey Henn,” in Warren township, so abused his 17 year old daughter with lash and blows in the breast with his fist, one day last week, that she has since died of the injuries she received fro the unnatural brut; two other of his children, it is reported, are not expected to survive the injuries which they received at his hands at the same time. “Indulgence of an irritable temper over which he yielded all control” is the explanation which the Belpre News gives of this monster’s murderous and unnatural cruelty.

October 12, 1876
Robert LEGET, a pioneer of Waterford, and an active and enterprising citizen, died Sept. 10th, being 81 years old.

Extracted by Debbie Noland Nitsche
August 2004