Washington County, Ohio


Found in various Thursday Morning editions of the Athens Messenger (Athens, Ohio)
In the Surrounding Counties Section of Washington County, Ohio.

Spellings of names are copied as printed in the newspaper. I have noticed many misspellings of names, probably due to the fact that the newspaper printed the name as it sounded.



Barnett, Paley
Boomer, Williametta (dau. of Ham. & Emma Boomer)
Clay, Mrs. Margaret (mother of Mrs. Daniel Hill)
Conner, young man
Cook, Miss Nettie M.
Deming, Julius
Dobbins, Lizzie
Fuller, George H.
Gallagher, Thomas
Haberling, John
Hicks, Jackson A.
Hopkins, Joe
Johnson, Mary (wf. of J. W. Johnson)
Knowles, N.
Owen, Vincent
Parrish, Kitty (wf. of John Parrish-dau. of Reuben Russell)
Rood, Miss Hattie J.
Rood, Miss Mary (illness & death notice)
Schmidt, Peter
Stone, Col. Augustus
Weaver, young man
Weeks, James Sr.



February 6, 1879

Mrs. Mary, wife of J. W. JOHNSON, of Coal Run, recently died of asthma.

February 27, 1879

Vincent OWEN died near Lowell, Friday, the 14th, and Cornorer Krigbeaum, says the Register, held an inquest the 15th to determine the cause of his death.  The verdict was death by typhoid pneumonia. 

A boy named John HABERLING, ten years of age, while fishing from the apron of the Muskingum dam, at Marietta, Friday afternoon, lost his footing and slipped into the water.  Although able to swim, his fishing-line wound around him in such a manner as to drown him before assistance could arrive.  His body was recovered.

Col. Augustus STONE died at his home in Harmer [sic], this county, on Suday of last week.  He was one of those who when a boy, accompanied General Rufus Putnam from Massachusetts into the Ohio Company's purchase in 1788, and was probably the last survivor of that expedition.  Had he lived until the 24th of next July he would have been ninety-nine years old.  He was well known to many of the older citizens of Athens county.

August 7, 1879

Miss Hattie J. ROOD, of Marietta, died on Wednesday morning of last week after an illness of only four days.  Her disease was acute dysentery, culminating in a nervous shock.

August 14, 1879

Mrs. James WARD recently died at her residence, three miles west of Beverly, of hernia.

A deckhand on the W. P. Thompson named Joe HOPKINS, fell overboard, says the Marietta Times, and was drowned on the last trip down.

August 21, 1879

Mrs. Wm. SMITH, of Harmar, a very estimable lady, recently died.

Mrs. Kitty PARRISH, wife of John Parrish, and daugher of Reuben RUSSELL, died last Thrusday, says the Marietta Times.

[not a death notice, but explains the cause of death]
Miss Mary ROOD, one of the very best teachers in the county, says the Marietta Times is laying very low at her home on Sixth street, with acute dystentery.  [See Death Notice Sept. 11, 1879]

Two young men named CONNOR and WEAVER, farm-hands on the place of Israel Devol, four miles up the Muskingum Valley, above Marietta, were instantly killed by lightning, Friday evening.  They had taken shelter in a barn, where they were found dead sometime after the storm.  What is strange is that there was no damage done to the barn, except one board knocked off.

September 11, 1879

N. KNOWLES, of Belpre, recently died of typhoid fever

Miss Nettie M. COOK, aged 20, a highly esteemed resident of Palmer, died recently

Julius DEMING, aged 75, a much esteemed citizen of Warren township, recently died.

Miss Mary L. ROOD, of Marietta, died in that city after several weeks illness, on Thrusday morning.

A female inmate of the Infirmary of this county, named Paley BARNETT, aged 80 died on Monday of last week.

December 18, 1879

Jackson A. HICKS, who was sheriff of this county from 1865 to 1869, died some time since.

George H. FULLER, of Marietta township, died on Friday, December 5th, aged 11 years.

Williametta, the little daughter of Ham. and Emma BOOMER, of Marietta, died recently of membranous croup.

December 25, 1879

Mrs. Margaret CLAY died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Daniel HILL, in Marietta recently.

Lizzie DOBBINS, an inmate of the Infirmary of this county, died on Sunday night of last week. She has been subject to epileptic fits, and was laboring in one at the time of her death.

Mr. Thomas GALLAGHER, of Harmar died in Texas, on Tuesday of last week. He is a brother of Conductor Wm. GALLAGHER, of the M. C. R. R. His remains will be brought back for burial.

Peter SCHMIDT, an old man, aged ninety-three, living in the lower part of Harmar, was suffocated by burning his clothing Friday night, and died Saturday morning. He fell asleep in front of the fire and his clothing took fire from the grate.

Mr. James WEEKS, Sr., whose death, says the Marietta Register, took place on the 13th, was among the oldest residents of the county, having come to this county from Maine in 1833. His life from that time till 1858 was spent in Aurelius, since then Pinchtown, where his death occurred.

Extracted by Debbie Noland Nitsche
August 2004