Found in various Thursday Morning editions of the Athens Messenger (Athens, Ohio)

In the Surrounding Counties Section of Washington County, Ohio.

Spellings of names are copied as printed in the newspaper. I have noticed many misspellings of names, probably due to the fact that the newspaper printed the name as it sounded.




Ackison, Charles (also, notice of estate, other newspapers)
Baker, Wm.
Baner, Jacob
Bartimess, George
Baure, Jacob
Bayley [sic], newborn boy of twins b. to F. W. Bayley
Best, Capt. J. H.
Bowen, Henry
Breach, Mrs. Naomi
Brown, Mrs. Maria (wf. of Benjamin M. Brown)
Bunch, Henry
Burries, Mrs. Diana (wf. of Stinson Burries)
Bush, William
Chamberlain, John Dresser
Chamberlain, Manuel
Chedd, Chas.
Cole, Mrs. Nancy (wf. of Capt. Cm. M. Cole) (other newspapers)
Clark, Miss Ann
Clark, Miss Mary
Clark, Samuel (father of the late Alexander Clark) (2 notices)
Curry, Mrs. Jane (2 notices)
Curtis, Mrs. Almira (widow of Judge Walter Curtis)
Davis, Miss Helen (sister of Capt. Steve Davis)
Davis, Mrs. John A.
Day, Dr. Alvin
Dye, James
Foster, Frederick (son of
Pereguine Foster, d. in Lancaster, O)  (Notice & Obituary, Other newspapers)
Farley, four week old twins of James & Annie Farley. (drowned)
Francis, Mrs. Anna (2 notices)
Goodwell, John
Gross, Wm. Sr.
Hill, Wm.
Hoffman, Miss Lizzie
Holden, Mrs. (wf. of Wm. Holden)
Holly, W.
Inglehart (died 1788 - Body Exhumed)
Inman, Mrs. Barbara (sister of Leander Ritchie)
Jack, Georg
Johnson, Joseph (2 notices)
Johnson, Mrs. Carrie (wf. of J. D. Johnson)
Johnston, William
Kidd, Nathaniel
Kirby, youngest son of Capt S. B. (other newspapers)
Lancell, Nine year old son of Adam Lancell
LaTanner, Six year old dau. of Phillip LaTanner)
Lord, Mrs. P. P. (mother of Conductor Lord of M.& C. Railroad)
Martin, Mrs. Rhoda (wf. of John Martin)
McKeen, Thomas M.
McMahon, two year old dau. of Elijah McMahon
McVey, dau. of Joseph McVey
McVey, Wm.
Miller, Conrad
Miller, Thomas
Mills, Lewis
Mudgradge [sic], Chas.
Muller, Thobald
Munlock, Elias
Nist, George
Oldham, son of Mr. & Mrs. Frank Oldham
Parker, L. M.
Parker, Lorenzo M. (same as above) (Other newspapers)
Parr, Samuel
Posley, Willis W. (son of Dudley Posey)
Piatt, John
Pierce, Willie (infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Alden Pierce) (Other newspapers)
Rich, John
Ridenhour, Mrs. Sarah (wf. of William Ridenhour)
Robinson, Gordon
Romans, Ephrain
Russell, Mrs. Mary E. (wf. of Dr. Russell - sister of D. B. Torpy, Esq.)
Schneider, Mrs. Caroline
Schuman, Miss Mar (dau. of Jacob Schuman)
Sears, John
Seely, Mrs. Hannah (widow of Wm. G. Seely)
Shaw, Emma (dau. of Mr. & Mrs. R. K. Shaw)
Sheldon, E. W.
Shipman, Samuel (other newspapers)
Skillington, Thos.
Sleigh, Luther (son in-law of David Putnam)
Smith, Peter B.
Snider, George
Speer, Samuel
Stewart, Mrs. T. M. (wf. of George Stewart)
Stone, Mrs. Charlotte (widow of Col. A. Stone - see 1879 various death notices)
Temple, Mrs. Ruth (sis in-law of George Uhl)
Tucker, Wm.
Wagner, Mrs. Elizabeth (wf. of Martin Wagner)
Washington, Anna (African-American)
Wason, Dr. James
Weeks, Ed.
Wells, Mrs. Parry & infant child
West, Lelia A. (wf. of Thomas B. Hoffman & dau. of John A. & Cynthia B. West)
White, Mrs. James H.
Wilkinson, Wm.
Wilson, Asa
Wittock, William


February 12, 1880
Mr. Samuel SPEER, formerly a resident of Harmar, died January 26th, at his home in Belmont county.

Mrs. T. M. STEWART, wife of George STEWART, formerly of Marietta, recently died at her late home in Oskaloosa, Iowa.

February 19, 1880
Peter B. SMITH, well known in Marietta, died on the 8th inst., of heart disease, aged 32 years and 10 months.

A six-year old daughter of Phillip LaTANNER, of Marietta, died of diphtheria and was buried on Sunday of last week, her sixth birthday.

Mrs. HOLDEN, whose death occurred Monday evening, was, says the Marietta Register, the wife of Wm. HOLDEN and daughter of President and Mrs. ANDREWS. She had been an invalid for several years, saved to her friends only by tender and affectionate care.

John Dresser CHAMBERLAIN died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. C. H. GODDARD, in Fairfield, Washington county, on Monday of last week, aged ninety years and five months. He came to Ohio in 1811. He taught school at Adams and Waterford, in this county, and at Amesville, Athens county. He enlisted in the war of 1812, and was honorably discharged at its close in 1814. He had filled many offices of trust, and faithfully discharged his duty in all stations.

April 1, 1880
Miss Mary CLARK, an aged maiden lady recently died at Beverly.

Mrs. Caroline SCHNEIDER, of Muskingum township, recently died of lung fever, aged 66.

Mr. John PIATT, of Watertown, aged about eighty years, died very suddenly Monday morning, March 22d.

Miss Ann CLARK, an aged an much revered lady, recently died, at the residence of her sister, Mrs. E. S. McINTOSH, in Beverly.

April 8, 1880
Marcellus J. MORSE, an old and prominent citizen of Marietta, died one day last week.

Mrs. Naomi BREACH, aged 69, died at her late home, in Harmar, on Sunday afternoon of last week.

John GOODWELL was found by his wife in his barn, on the 23d ult., at Macksburg with his throat cut and dead. The verdict of the corner was that he died by the wound of a pocket knife, inflicted by his own hand.

Mrs. Barbara INMAN, aged 30 years, who lived with her brother, Leander RITCHIE, about 3/4 of a mile northwest from Gravel Bank, in Warren township, was recently found dead about 50 feet from the house. Her death was the supposed result of fits.

May 27, 1880
Mrs. Diana BURRIES, wife of Stinson BURRIES, Matamoras, died suddenly one day last week.

Theobald MULLER, a Front street grocer in Marietta, recently died in that city, of inflammation of the bowels.

A young lad, aged nine years, son of Adam LANCELL, of Lowell, was drowned in the Muskingum river at that place, recently.

Capt. J. H. BEST, who, for the past 35 years, has been identified with the interests of Marietta, died on Saturday of last week, at his home in that city, after a lingering illness of several months, aged fifty-three years.

Mrs. Almira CURTIS, widow of the late Judge Walter CURTIS, died at her residence in Lower Belpre, on the 13th, aged eighty years. With her, passes away the last pioneer women whose labors and influence on society in Lower Belpre, will be felt for generations to come.

June 3, 1880
Wm. HILL, of Muskingum, died at his home, lately, aged seventy-three years.

Ed. WEEKS, who was kicked by a horse in the stomach, at Marietta, one day last week, died next day from his injuries.

Mrs. Ruth TEMPLE, sister-in-law of George UHL, of Williamstown, died recently at the advanced age of eighty-nine years.

Mrs. Elizabeth WAGNER, wife of Martin WAGNER, of Watertown, died recently aged fifty-two years. She had been an invalid for over two years.

Dr. Alvin DAY, of Olive, died quite suddenly at his home on Monday morning of last week, having taken an overdose of morphine by mistake; he lived a short time, although strenuous efforts were made to save him.

Miss Lizzie HOFFMAN, aged twenty-two, of Fearing, died on the 18th ult., under peculiar and sad circumstances. She was to have been married on the 20th, but was attacked with apoplexy on the 17th with the result above stated.

The Marietta Times says: Wm. WILKINSON, who was drowned off Robinson’s Circus Boat at Matamoras last week, had $6oo deposited in the First National Bank of this city, which his wife is having some difficulty in obtaining.

June 24, 1880
Joseph JOHNSON, of Newport, aged 95, died on the 10th. He was a fifer in the war of 1812. --&-- Cambridge Jeffersonian (Cambridge, Ohio) July 1, 1880 Pg. ? Col 4 - [Ohio News] Joseph JOHNSON, a soldier of the war of 1812, died at Newport the other day, aged 100.

Asa WILSON, aged 78 years, died at his home in Marietta, on Monday of last week from a complication of disorders.

Manuel CHAMBERLAIN, a young man living near Fishtown, died on Monday of last week as the result of having been struck on the head by a limb of a tree which he had felled on the 12th inst.

July 8, 1880
Thos. MILLER, an old pioneer of Ludlow, recently died.

Conrad MILLER, of Marietta, recently died of consumption.

The Marietta Register says that Chas. CHEDD formerly a student at the Academy recently died.

Thursday, July 15, 1880
Mr. George NIST, of Decatur, died June 24th, aged 52, of consumption.

George SNIDER, an inmate of the County Infirmary, died recently, at the advanced age of 95

Mrs. Sarah, wife of Mr. William RIDENHOUR, of Decatur township, died on June 21st, aged 70 years.

William F. JOHNSTON, of Decatur, on of the best citizens of the township, died June 28th, aged 69 years. His disease was asthma.

Gordon ROBINSON, a well known merchant of Grandview, was found dead on his back porch early Monday morning. It is supposed that he left his bed, as he had on his night clothing when found. Heart disease.

July 29, 1880

Mr. E. W. SHELDON, of Marietta, died on Sunday of last week of cancer.

Mrs. Hannah SEELY, widow of the late Wm. G. SEELY, died on the 10th inst., at her late home in Watertown aged 86.

Charles ACKISON, an aged man, while riding on a load of hay, in Marietta township, Friday evening, fell to the ground on his head, killing him almost instantly.

August 5, 1880

Mrs. Maria BROWN, of Belpre, the wife of Benjamin M. BROWN, who was Sheriff of Washington County from 1834 to 1838, died one day last week.

August 12, 1880
Mr. and Mrs. Frank OLDHAM, of Marietta, recently lost their youngest son.

Lelia A. WEST, wife of Thomas B. HOFFMAN, and daughter of John A. and Cynthia B. WEST, of Little Muskingum, died, on Wednesday, the 28th of July of inflammation of the bowels.

August 19, 1880
W. HOLLY, watchman on the Belpre side of the railroad bridge, accidently fell from that structure recently and was killed.

Mr. F. W. BAYLEY, of Muskingum, gave birth to twins on Tuesday, of last week, a girl and a boy. The boy died the same evening and was buried Wednesday.

August 26, 1880
Thos. SKILLINGTON, one of Beverly’s oldest inhabitants, died, recently. He was about 80 years of age and had lived in Beverly about 40 years.

A Marietta dispatch of last Sunday says: “Considerable excitement was related here to-day by the report that James and Annie FARLEY had deliberate drowned their four weeks old twins in a tub of water at Lowell, this county, and the sentiment was so strong against them that the Sheriff was sent for to bring them to jail, as the people threated to
lynch them.”

September 2, 1880

[not a death notice, but follow up on August 26th announcement]
John FARLEY and wife, of Lowell township, have been fully committed to answer the charge of drowning their twin babies, mention of which was last week made in these column.

Wm. GROSS, Sr., of Sale, township, died recently, aged about 80 years.

Miss Mary SCHUMAN, of Newport, daughter of Jacob SCHUMAN, died recently, aged 18 years of typhoid fever.

Mrs. Charlotte STONE, widow of the late Col. A. STONE, died recently, having nearly reached four score and ten year.

Ephrain ROMANS, of Wesley, died suddenly, recently, of apoplexy. Mr. ROMANS was one of the leading citizens of Wesley.

The death of Mrs. Perry WELLS, of Grandview township, occurred on the 21st ult. Her infant child died a few weeks previous.

Mrs. Carrie, wife of J. D. JOHNSON, of C. & M. R. R., died quite suddenly, at her home on Third street, Marietta, recently, with congestive chills.

Miss Helen DAVIS, sister to Capt. Steve DAVIS, died, on Tuesday of last week, at her residence on River street, Marietta, of typhoid fever, aged 20 years.

Mr. D. H. TOMPKINS, of Barlow, died recently, after a long siege of most severe suffering. He was 62 years of age, and was one of the oldest settlers of that section.

John RICH, a young man of German nationality, was killed by the 11 o’clock west bound train Sunday evening, of last week, at Scott’s crossing near Little Hocking. Mr. RICH had been drinking, says the Register, and it is not known whether death was an act of suicide or accident.

September 9, 1880
A little girl of Joseph McVEY’S of Eight Mile, died recently with typhoid fever.

A young man named Georg JACK, an employee of Rice’s oil refinery, at Marietta, was fatally burned about the face and body by escaped gas being ignited from a lantern he was caring on a recent night.

Coronor Kringbaum recently head an inquest on the body of John SEARS, aged 67, who lives a few miles out from Constitution, at what is known as Tad Pole Run, who had died very suddenly, while out in the pasture. Heart disease.

Sept. 16, 1880
Wm. TUCKER, of Newport, recently lost two children by typhoid fever.

Wm. McVEY, an old citizen of Newport, died last week with typhoid fever, aged 60 years.

Jacob BAURE, of Salem Township, dropped dead, Friday, while working with a threshing-machine. Heart disease.

Mrs. Rhoda MARTIN, wife of Mr. John MARTIN, of Lawrence township, died recently, of paralysis, aged 53 years.

Emma, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. K. SHAW, of Marietta, died on Monday morning of flux aged 2 years and 6 months.

Sept. 23, 1880
Jacob BANER, of Salem township, recently died quite suddenly of heart disease.

Sept. 30, 1880
Henry BUNCH, a former well known resident, of Marietta, died in Cincinnati, one day last week, with consumption.

October 7, 1880
The two year old child of Elijah McMAHON, of Warren, died recently, with inflammation of the bowels.

Mrs. P. P. LORD, mother of Conductor LORD of the M. & C. Railroad, was buried Sunday; of last week from the residence of her son-in-law, John NEWTON, Esq., Marietta. Her age was eight-six years.

October 14, 1880
Mrs. John A. DAVIS, of Harmar, died very suddenly, Wednesday of last week.

A colored girl, Anna WASHINGTON, who made her home with Dr. COLLINS, of Cutler hanged herself on Sunday of last week during the absence of the family.

On Thursday last about noon William BUSH, and ex-policeman, fell dead in the office of ex Mayor GLINES, of Marietta. He was at the time entering complaint against Wilson CONGDON for striking him over the head with a hickory cane. A post mortem developed the fact that death was caused by the blow received and CONGDON was at once arrested and placed in jail. He acknowledged the killing, and says it was done at the instance of another man, a grocer, who employed him to whip BUSH, but he had no intention of killing him. Investigation developed that fact that there had existed for some time talk of alleged undue intimacy between the grocer and Mrs. BUSH, and matters had come to such a point that BUSH and his wife had separated the day previous to the murder in consequence.

Oct. 21, 1880
Wm. BAKER, of Marietta recently died of consumption.

November 4, 1880
Samuel PARR, an old pioneer of Grandview died recently, aged 82 years.

November 11, 1880
James H. DYE, livery man of Marietta died very suddenly on Thursday morning.

Luther SLEIGH, son-in-law to David Putnam, died during the week, says the Marietta Times, with consumption.

Mrs. Jane CURRY, late of Watertown, who was born in the early part of 1779, died recently. Four generations of her descendants were present at her funeral.

Mrs. Anna FRANCIS, one of the old pioneer mothers of this county, died recently at the residence of Lester FRANCIS, in Newport, of paralysis aged 85 years.

Mr. Samuel CLARK, father of the late Alexander CLARK, deceased, who some time since moved from Newport township to Wellsville, died recently at an advanced age.

The following deaths have recently taken place in this country:
Jane CURRY, of Watertown, died on October 25, aged 101 year seven months and two days.
Nathaniel KIDD, of Fearing, died October 28, aged eighty years.
Samuel CLARK, formerly of Newport, died October 30, aged eighty-four years.
Mrs. Anna FRANCIS, of Newport, died October 16, aged eight-five years.
Elias MUNLOCK, of Palmer, died November 1, aged about seventy-five years.

November 18, 1880
Thomas M. McKEEN, formerly of Wade, but late of Pittsburgh, was, recently, instantly killed, by the engine of a freight train of which he was fireman.

Henry BOWEN, of Waterford township, a former student of Marietta College, but who had been in Iowa for sometime, was recently found dead in his bed at Fairfield in that State.

November 25, 1880
The Marietta Register says: Mr. L. M. PARKER whose death is announced in the proper column was a resident of Marietta for twenty-nine years. His wife is a sister of Mrs. HUTCHENS, wife of Charles HUTCHINS, Esq., and his acquaintance at one time was general here.

December 16, 1880
Mrs. James H. WHITE, a former resident of this county, but latterly of Mr. Pleasant, Iowa, died, recently, from the effects of a tumor in the stomach.

Mrs. Mary E. RUSSELL, aged 36, wife of Dr. RUSSELL, and sister of D. B. TORPY, Esq., of Marietta, died at her late home in Scottown, this county, one day last week of bilious fever.

December 23, 1880
Chas. MUDGRADGE, a young man who lately started from Belpre to ride in the country on a sled was found by his companions to be dead before reaching his destination. they had a jug of whisky which tells the tale.

Dr. James WASON at the County Infirmary, last week, aged eighty-one years. He, says the Register, formerly lived in Waterford township and came here many years ago. He was well known in this vicinity, having both preached and doctored, but with no regular standing in either profession.

December 30, 1880
Lewis MILLS, of Wesley, died recently, aged about 65. He was an old resident of that township.

Mr. William WHITTOCK, of Lawrence, was found dead Sunday morning, of last week. His age was about 80 years.

Mr. George BARTIMESS, of Fearing, who says the Marietta Register, has suffered severely for several months, died at his home, Dec. 20. His age was in the neighborhood of 80 years.




Other Newspapers:


Marietta Register

Thrusday, March 11, 1880

POSEY - At the residence of his father, Dudley POSEY, in Marietta township, Sunday morning, March 7th 1880, of consumption, Willis W. POSEY, in the 25th year of his age. Farewell, dear Willis, you have left us, Your pains and tois of life are o’er, Soon again, we hope to meet you, On Cannan’s bright and happy shore.

Marietta Register
Thursday, March 11, 1880
PAGE 3; Col. 4

Frederick A. Foster died at his residence in Lancaster, March 6th, in his ninetieth year of his age. He was of New England parentage, his father, Pereguine Foster, having been among the earliest emigrants to Ohio and one of the pioneer founders of the settlement of Marietta. From that place, Frederick A. came to Lancaster in 1810, and from that time until within a few years past he was know as one of Lancaster’s active and sagacious business men, and eminent for all the qualities of a good citizen and Christian.


Marietta Register
Thursday, March 18, 1880
Page 2; Col. 5
The venerable Frederick Augustus FOSTER has passed away from among us. For a couple of years past his familiar form has not been seen upon our streets, the increasing infirmities of age and precarious condition of health having for that period kept him pretty closely confined to the limits of his home. The end came on Saturday forenoon, March 6th 1880, at a few minutes before 10 o’clock: From a physical condition scarcely different from what it had been for months, and after a little not unaccustomed exertion in the way of exercise, he rather suddenly faltered, sank, and passed without a struggle into his last earthly sleep, awakening at the same moment in the spirit into that celestial life where pain, weakness and infirmities are unknown.
Mr. FOSTER was born in May, of the year 1791, and was consequently near the completion of his 89th. His father Peregrine FOSTER, was one of the company of forty-eight pioneers who landed at Marietta, Ohio, April 7th, 1788. This company was formed in Massachusetts, under the direction of Gen. Rufus PUTNAM and Gen. TUPPER. On returning east for his family, he was detained there by the breaking out of the Indian war, until 1792, when he again came to Ohio, with his family, settling upon a farm at Belpre, where he resided until his death, which occurred in 1804, at the age of 44.
Frederick A. came to Lancaster in the year 1810. His entrance into business here was in the capacity of clerk in the store of John CREED. Subsequently he became a partner in a prominent mercantile firm, and from that person until within a few years he was always actively engaged in business of some kind, in which sagacity and integrity shone as the conspicuous traits of his character. He may be said to have been a life-long member of the Presbyterian Church, in which he maintained a consistent Christian walk, and his individual and official counsels were highly valued.
The funeral services were held in the Presbyterian church on Monday afternoon the 8th, and were of a deeply impressive character. A brief but eminently appropriate discourse was preached by Rev. Prof. E. B. ANDREWS, which was followed by touching and improving remarks from Eld. T. W. STANLEY, of the Methodist church. The remains were interred in East Lancaster Presbyterian cemetery. The pall-bearers on the occasion were Messrs. Robert REED, John REBER, Wm. STEWART, H. B. TONG, and S. J. WRIGHT, of this city, and N. S. EBRIGHT, of Carroll.
Mr. FOSTER leaves four children of the nine which were born to him. One of these, Peregrine, a son to his first wife (who was Sarah ARNOLD, of this city, and who died in 1834), is living in a Western State. Two other sons, Parkman and Newton, the first of St. Louis, and the second of Cincinnati, were present at the funeral. They are children of Mr. FOSTER’s second wife, who was Elizabeth WILSON, of this city, and who is now the mourning survivor of a loved husband.---(Lancaster Gazette)



Cambridge Jefferson (Cambridge, Ohio)

May 20, 1880

Samuel SHIPMAN, on the pioneers of Marietta, died quite suddenly Sunday evening.



The Marietta Register
Marietta, Ohio
November 18, 1880
New Series, Vol. 19, No. 23
Page 3; Col. 4

COLE---In Harmar, November 12th, Mrs. Nancy COLE, wife of Capt. C. M. COLE, in her 65th year.
PARKER---In Olney, Ill., November 4th, 1880 of consumption, Lorenzo M. PARKER in the 65th year of his age. "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord"
PIERCE---In this city, Oct. 29th, Willie, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Alden PIERCE, age 1 month, 3 weeks, and 2 days.

The Marietta Register
Marietta, Ohio
November 18, 1880
New Series, Vol. 19, No. 23
Page 3; Col. 5

Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has been appointed as Administratrix of the estate of Charles ATKINSON, late of Washington County, Ohio, deceased. Dated this 16th day of Nov. A. D. 1880--Mary A. ATKINSON, Administrate.


The Marietta Times
November 25, 1880

On Tuesday, the Pioneer Association of this county exhumed the bones of Inglehart HOPPER, who was a carpenter in the old Fort in 1788. The grave has been undisturbed for years in Mrs. EDDLESTON's front yard in the village. He died of camp dysentery, Nov. 21, 1788, aged 24 years---92 years ago last Sunday. Nothing but bones, a button and a small piece of cloth were found in the grave. The bones and gravestone were taken to Marietta and reinterred in the pioneers lot in the new cemetery.


The Marietta Times
November 25, 1880

Capt., S. B. KIRBY's youngest son died last Friday;  disease pronounced by som of our doctors as scarlet fever, by others diphtheria.  A funeral took place Sunday at their residence, it being so bitter cold not many attended.

Extracted by Debbie Noland Nitsche
August 2004