The following citizens of Washington County, Ohio have been proven by one or more of their descendants to have resided in the county before 1830. There are many other citizens who also lived here during those early years, but they have yet to have been proven residents by any member of our First Families memebers. Go to the link above about membership If you have a ancestor you would like to nominate for ealy residency

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Alderman, Estherann
Allard, Samuel
Arnold, Ann Maria Palmer
Arnold, Benjamin F
Arnold, Frank B
Arnold, Fred Gilbert
Arnold, Harry Dow 
Arnold, Levi
Arnold, Sara Ingraham


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Bain, Elijah
Baldwin, Hannah
Ball, Dorothy Arnold Rouse
Ball, John
Bancroft, Mary
Barker, Elizabeth
Barker, Melissa
Barnes, Loraney
Barnhart, Joseph
Barnhart, James
Bartlett, John G.
Bartlett, Rose Irene
Bates, Lydia
Bell, James Sr.
Bell, James Jr.
Bell, Jane
Bell, Sophia
Bingham, David
Blake, David Sr.
Briggs, Abigail
Brock, Rhoda
Broughton, John
Buchanan, Jeffery
Buchanan, Lucinda
Buck, Experience
Buck, Susannah
Burchett, Benjamin
Burchett, John
Burchett, John Jr
Burlingame, Christopher 
Burlingame, Susanna
Bush, Catharine Ann
Bush, Nicholas


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Carlin, John
Carlin, Mary
Carlin, Thomas
Carver, Joseph Sr
Caywood, Elizabeth
Chapman, Jerusa
Cheadle, Asa
Cheadle, Asa Jr
Cheadle, Martha Paddock
Cheadle, Mercy Hersey
Cline, George Sr
Cline, Rosanna(h)
Coleman, Grace
Coleman, Ruth
Collier, Mary
Cook, Rosannah
Cook(e), Joseph
Cooke, Nancy
Corner, George
Corner, George Sandford
Corner, Susanna Burlingame
Cornwell, William
Corp, Benjamin
Corp, Esther
Corp, John S.
Cory, Charles Slocum
Cory, Thomas
Culver, Cummins E
Culver, Ebenezer
Cummings, Lydia


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Dailey, David
Dana, Grace
Dana, Captain William
Davis, Daniel
Davis, Dudley
Day, Elizabeth
Denison, Esther
Devol, Rosannah Cook 
Devol, Stephen Sr, Capt.
Dickson, Christopher Sr
Dickson, Fanny Lewis
Dickson, Jacob Lewis
Dixon, Eliza
Doan, Ann
Doan, Asahel
Doan, Emily
Doan (Doane), Richard 
Dodd, Elizabeth
Dowling, Elisha H
Dowling, Harriet
Dowling, James
Dowling, James Franklin
Dowling, Lewis Blakely
Dowling, Margaret
Duddleson, Ralph
Dunham, Bathsheba
Dunham, Daniel
Dunsmoor, Caroline
Dunsmoor, Horace
Dunsmoor, Phineas
Dye, Andrew
Dye, John
Dye, John Jr
Dye, John Sr
Dye, Maria Petty
Dye, Samuel Moffett 2nd

E - F

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Elmore, Sarah
Fleming, David Fergus
Flowers, David
Ford, Catherine
Ford, Chauncey
Ford, Leroy
Ford, Mary
Ford, William, Capt.
Foster, Peregrine
Fox, Hannah
Fraser, James
Fraser, William
Fulcher, Joseph
Fuller, Marietta 
Fuller, Susanna


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Gage, Polly
Gardner, Lydia Bates
Gardner, Mary (see also Mary Gardner Owens)
Gardner, Rhodes
Garvin, Margaret
Garner, Henry
Garvin, Margaret
Geering (Geren), Hannah
Geering (Geren), Julia
Geren, Joseph
Geren, Nancy Hill
Graham, Belinda
Gray, John
Gray, Mary
Geen, Austin Leroy
Green, Edwin Eli
Green, Eli
Green, Nancy
Greene, Duty Sr.
Greene, Duty, Jr.
Greene, John
Greene, Margaret
Greene, Pamalia
Greene, Richard
Greene, Smith


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Hagerman, John
Hallett, Isaiah
Hall, Alfred
Hamblin, May Burch Hill
Hamblin, Robert Emmett 
Harris, Abigail Robbins
Harris, Susannah
Hart, Josiah, Dr.
Hartshorn, Darius
Hartshorn, Leonard
Hazelton, Sally
Hersey, Mercy
Hersey, Mercy
Hibbs, Sarah
Hill, Harry
Hill, Ira
Hill, John
Hill, Joseph G
Hill, Nancy
Hill, Ruth Mckinney Geren
Hill, Silas
Hitchcock, Isaac
Hitchcock, Jefferson
Hoff, Hannah
Holdren, George
Holdren, Joseph Jr
Holdren, Joseph Sr
Holdren, Ruth
Hollcraft, Gertrude
Hougland, Eleanor
Humphrey, Seth
Hurst, Hooper
Hyatt, Margaret

I - J

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Ingraham, Sarah
James, Elizabeth
James, John
James, John Jr.
Jennings, Jonathan
Jennings, Margaret


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Kirkpatrick, Nancy
Kirkpatrick, Thomas
Knowlton, Calvin
Knowlton, Daniel
Knowlton, Levi
Knowlton, Rosa Viretta
Knowlton, William


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Leedham, Henry Leonard 
Lewis, Fanny
Lightfoot, Samuel
Luckey, Rachel


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Malster Benjamin
Malster, Christopher
Mason, William
Mason, Sally Shockley
Mason, William
Mathews, Susanna
Maxon, Loraina
McAllister, Andrew
McAllister, Andrew Jr
McAllister, David
McAllister, James
Mcallister, Robert
McHenry, Mary
McHenry, Richard
McIntrye, Catherin Ann
McVay, Eunice
Meeks, Bazel
Merriam, Anna
Merriam, Reuben
Milhous, Hannah Baldwin
Milhous, William
Miller, Christina
Miller, John
Miller, Robert
Montgomery, Katherine
Myers, Massa


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Needham, Stephen
Nixon, Margaret
Nott, Mixanda Ford
Noyes, Mary
Nye, John


Owen, James
Owen, Mary Gardner (see also Gardner, Mary)


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Paddock, Martha
Pain (Paine), Anna
Pain (Paine), John
Pain (Paine), Nabby
Palmer, Hanna Fox
Palmer, Isaac Lasell
Palmer, John Pemberton
Palmer, Joseph Jr
Palmer, Joseph Sr
Palmer, Persis
Parkman, Polly
Penrose, Thomas
Perdew, Luther
Perdew, William
Petty, Margaret
Petty, Maria
Petty, Presley
Petty, Stephen Albert
Porter, Ebenezer
Porter, Priscilla
Post, Anna
Post, Esther
Prior, John Sr
Prouty, Rachel
Putnam, Charlotte
Putnam, Persis Rice
Putnam, Rufus
Putnam, Susanna Burlingame

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Quinn, George


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Rice, Persis
Rice, Susanna
Ridgeway, Ary
Ridgeway, Benjamin
Ridgeway, Elzy
Ridgeway, John Marshal
Riley, Israel Day
Riley, Richard
Robbins, Abigail
Rood, Mariner
Root, Lucy Place
Root, Salina Shrader
Root, Sidney
Root, William
Ross, Narcissa
Rouse, Andrew Albert
Rouse, Dortha
Rouse, Edward
Rouse, Margaret Alice Seevers
Rouse, Thomas
Rouse, Thomas T.
Rowland, Isabela
Rowland, Jane
Rowland, John
Rowland, Mordica


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Samson, Joanna
Seevers, Abraham
Seevers, Danial D
Seevers, Jeremiah
Seevers, William
Sheets, Jacob
Sheets, William
Shockley, Sally
Simpson, John
Shaw, Elvira
Sheets, Jacob
Sheets, William
Shrader, Calissa Cheadle
Shrader, Kathearine Montgomery
Shrader, Phillip Jr
Shrader, Phillip Sr
Shrader , Salina
Simpson, John
Simpson, Sarah Elmore
Sinclair, Margaret
Smith, Estheran
Smith, Harvey J
Smith, James Ward
Smith, Joseph L.
Smith, Shobal
Smith, Vincent
Snodgrass, Barbara
Snodgrass, Hiram
Sprague, Edward
Sprague, James
Sprague, Joshua
Sprague, Sarah
Sprague, Wilbur
Sprague, William
Stalcut, Anna
Stanley, George W
Stanley, Lucy
Stanley, Sarah
Stanley, Thomas
Stanley, Timothy
Stephenson, Elizabeth
Stiegler, Harriet
Still, John
Stimmel, Paul C
Stone, Benjamin Franklin
Stone, Franklin Jonathan
Stone, John, Col.
Stone, Jonathan, Capt.
Stone, Rufus Putnam
Stone, Samuel
Stowe, James Smith


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Taylor, Jane
Taylor, Robert
Thomas, Charles
Thomas, John Buck
Thompson, Catharine
Thompson, James
Thompson, Silas
Thorlan, Louisa
Tice, David
Tice, Solomon
Tice, Solomon Jr
Tilton, Bathsheba
Tilton, Joseph
Trautman, Lewis Leander
Trautman, Lewis Leander Jr


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Watterman, Ferrand Jr
Watterman, Ferrand Sr
Webster, Locia
Welles, Nancy
West, John
West, Wealthan
Wharff, Oliver
White, Augustus Stone
White, Thomas
White, Thomas Wells
Wilbur, Abigail
Winsor, Augustus
Winsor, Henry

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