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Edited/Compiled by Martin R. Andrew, M. A. Biographical Publishing Company. Chicago, Illinois, 1902
CHAPTER 10, Pages 241 - 269

Extracted by: Debbie Noland Nitsche
Information in the brackets [  ] are the notes of Debbie Noland Nitsche.

-- 1831 - 1840

In this decade the dentists appear, but merely as specialists who can stay but a short time. The portrait painter also appears in the same way.  Daguerre had not yet been heard of. Pianos become an article of merchandise worth advertising and there is one instructor in flute playing.

The circus and menagerie appear a few times to relieve the monotony, but there is only one advertisement for a fugitive slave. Schemes for turnpikes are very numerous - to Chillicothe, to Watertown, to Zanesville, to Newport, &c.

In the latter part of this decade many lotteries are advertised and other grand schemes of speculation.

1838.--     Alexandria Lottery.
1833.--     J. Allen, of Cincinnati, dentist at Mr. Cole's Hotel.
1834.--     E. H. Allen, Dentist at Mr. Cole's.
1839.--     John Allison has begun to manufacture hats.  (1840) Wishes to buy raccoon, for mink and deer skins.
1831.--     D. B. Anderson.  Wool carding by steam power.
1836.--     Andrew & Johnson, Tailors.
1839.--     A. Backus, Silversmith.
1832.--     William A. Baldwin, Physician in Point Harmar.
1831.--     Bank of Marietta:  Arius Nye, Cashier.  (1839) A. T. Nye, Cashier.
1839.--     David Barber and Chas. T. Buell, Attorneys.
1838.--     Joseph Barker, Jr., for the Marietta & Newport Turnpike Road and Bridge Company.
1839.--     E. Battelle offers to sell town lots in Newport.  Notice of vacating the plat.
1838.--     Beltz & Snider what barley, hops, hoop poles and staves.
1835.--     Ebenezer Benedict, Putnam russet apples at 75c a barrel.
1831.--     L. G. Bingham, Institute of Education.
1834.--     Nathaniel Bishop, Picking and carding machine.  Terms -5c per pound or 6 1/4c in produce.
1831.--     J. M. Booth, Wheeling chairs.
1836.--     Jas. M. Booth.  Secretary of the Washington County Mutual Fire Insurance Company.
1838.--     Horatio Booth and Joseph Hunter, Cabinetmaking on Green street.
1834.--     Charles Bosworth and Joshua Way have dissolved partnership.
1836.--     Bosworth & Putnam.  New store on the corner of Gilman and Middle streets, Point Harmar.
1837.--     Chas. Bosworth wishes freight to be shipped in the hull of the steamboat "Champion" about to be taken in tow by the steamer "John Mills."

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1837.--     John Brazier.  Cabinet warehouse in Harmar.
1839.--     Brazier & Weston have a cabinet shop on Harmar street.
1838.--     L. & A. Brigham sell shoes and groceries.
1831.--     A. Brooks pays cash for wheat, flour, pork and flaxseed.
1834.--     Partnership of Brooks & Woodford is dissolved. (Point Harmar.)
1833.--     John Brough.  Last notice to debtors.
1831.--     John Brown, of Barlow, President of Washington County Society for the promotion of Agriculture.
1836.--     Jeremiah F. Brown manufactures cooking stoves.
1839.--     Partnership of Samuel Brown and Elias Powthers of Robury is dissolved.  New firm of Groves & Powthers.
1832.--     Jacob Browning.  Cordage for sale, cash for hemp.
1833.--     Frederick Buck.  Shoe store on Front street.
1835.--     Miss Thirza Burson.  New milliner shop.
1835.--     D. H. Buell, Books and stationery.
1836.--     Great Chambers manufactures ropes and cordage.
1837.--     Hiram Chambers has for sale in Harmar, saddles, bridles and trunks.
1839.--     Dr. T. F. Chambers.  Oculist and Dentist.  Rooms with J. L. Reckard, corner of Third and Greene streets.
1837.--     H. Chapin & Co.  New store and new goods at Point Harmar one door south of Stone & Co.
1835.--     M. A. Chappell.  Tailor on Water street.
1836.--     Eagle Circus at Marietta, September 26.
1838.--     E. M. Clifford will remain a short time at Mrs. Robbins to paint portraits.
1838.--     John T. Clogston, President of Mechanics' Lyceum.
1835.--     Sampson Cole, Marietta Hotel on Ohio street.
1837.--     Dr. J. D. Cope in Barlow township at Mr. L. Heald's.
1833.--     Dr. Cotton.  Drugs and medicines.
1832.--     J. Crawford, President of the Marietta Temperance Society.
1834.--     Partnership of John Crawford and Nathaniel Dodge is dissolved.
1834.--     John Crawford.  New tanyard on Point Harmar.
1831.--     R. Crawford.  Dry Goods and groceries.
1838.--     Robert Crawford will sell or rent his steam sawmill.
1838.--     Mrs. E. Creel, Ag't for sale of pianos fortes.
1838.--     Brig.-Gen. Cromwell D. Culver, of Waterford, calls together the officers of the 1st Regiment.
1832.--     John Cunningham.  Tailoring.
1838.--     Dr. A. Curtis (botanic system) will lecture at the Court House.
1837.--     H. Curtis, Little Hocking.
1839.--     Curtis & Pearson will fill orders for mulberry trees (for silk cultivators).
1834.--     S. Daniels has window sash for sale.
1838.--     Stephen Daniels and A. Hubbard, partners in building Duck Creek and Little Muskingum bridges, have dissolved partnership.
1838.--     Edward S. Davis wishes to sell house and store on Ohio band below Gilman street.
1832.--     James M. Davis, Scientific Tailoring.
1834.--     John Davis.  House and sign painting.
1833.--     John Delafield, Jr.  "Chapman's Sermons" for sale.  (1834) Asks for the return of a fire bucket belong to Engine Company No. 1.
1834.--     Topographical Description of Washington County.  Price 37 1/2c.
1835.--     John De La Vergne wants 20 men for grubbing.
1836.--     Gilbert Devol wants 200 hands to work on Hocking Valley Canal.
1836.--     John Dixon has a farm on Cat's Creek for dale, five miles from the Muskingum.
1838.--     John Dodge has lots for sale in Veverly.
1839.--     J. W. Dodge, and artist from New York City, will remain in Harmar a short time to execute miniature likeness.
1836.--     Nathaniel Dodge and Justus Morse have dissolved partnership.
1832.--     Dodge and Brooks.  New goods at Waterford Landing.  (1835) Business hereafter conducted by Samuel Brooks.
1837.--     Geo. W. Doughty offers to sell building lots in Waterford -the Peninsula farm.
1834.--     Amos Dunham, Jas. M. Booth and S. H. Gates, Township Trustees, asks for stone culvert across Front street, in front of the Geo. Dunlevyhouse.

1837.--     L. Edgerton has opened a new store at the corner of Market and Ohio streets.
1838.--     Luther Edgerton and Geo. M. Woodbridge begin mercantile business under the name of Edgerton & Woodbridge.
1836.--     Caleb Emerson, Editor of the Marietta Gazette, has for sale 300 acres of land on the hill between White's Road and Duck Creek.
1832.--     Ephraim Emerson, President of the Marietta Temperance Society.
1836.--     T. W. Ewart, Secretary of Washington County Agriculture Society.
1837.--     Thos. W. Ewart.  Secretary of the Marietta Total Abstinence Society.  Also Secretary of Washington County School Association.
1835.--     Dr. D. W. Farrell sells drugs and paints.
1838.--     J. Freeman.  Botanic drug store.
1836.--     Dr. S. Fuller.  Office on Water street.
1831.--     M. French.  Institute of Education.
1836.--     James L. Gage, Attorney at McConnelsville.
1833.--     Miss Marion Gage, Point Harmar.  Milliner and Dress Maker.
1839.--     Beman Gates.  Secretary of the Washington County School Association, gives notice of a meeting at the upper settlement of Newport in the M. E. Church.

1839.--     Wm. Glessner manufactures chairs.
1833.--     Chas. B. Goddard and Levi H. Goddard, Attorneys.
1831.--     Granville Literary and theological Institution.
1839.--     Wm. J. Gray, of Fearing, wishes a partner in a saw and Grist mill.
1834.--     Dr. R. H. Gray at the office of David Barber, Point Harmar.
1835.--     D. Greene & Sons (R. S. & J. H.)  New firm on the corner near the Market House.  (1836 Partnership dissolved.
1836.--     D. Greene & Son.
1833.--     Daniel Greene.  Groceries.
1831.--     John Greene wishes ship carpenters to go to Portsmouth.
1838.--     John Greiner.  House and sign painting.
1839.--     J. Greiner.  Librarian, gives notice that papers and magazines have been removed from the Reading Room to Lyceum Hall.
1839.--     Grenier & Wedgen do sign and carriage painting at No. 5 Greene street.
1836.--     Louis S. Greuzard, Barber and Sign Painter.  At the Mansion House.
1839.--     Wm. Griggs wishes to sell house on Church street.
1837.--     A. L. Guitteau & Co.  New store on Front street one door north of Mills, Wilson & Co.
1839.--     M. Hall & Son, Grocers.
1839.--     Wyllys and Joseph Hall dissolved partnership.  Commission business.  Continued by J. E. Hall.
1832.--     W. Hall, Secretary of the Board of Health.
1832.--     W. & J. E. Hall sell Zanesville flour.
1834.--     James Hannan and James D. Wilson have dissolved partnership.
1832.--     Wm. Hardy.  From Marietta to Zanesville by stage in 13 hours. Fair moderate and speed unsurpassed.
1832.--     H. Hartwig,  Blacksmith on "Second or "Market" street below the Court House.
1837.--     Jesse Hailstock.  Barber shop on Ohio street.  Ladies' puffs and curls renovated.
1838.--     Asa Harris & Co. manufacture cooking stoves at Harmar.
1839.--     Sealed proposals asked for building a Market house in Harmar.
1838.--     Harmar and Waterford Turnpike Corporators, to meet at Rialdiafer's Tavern, Waterford Landing. [Corporators & Rialdiafer's as spelled in book]

1832.--     J. Hawkins, at D. B. Anderson's on Ohio street, renovates and cleans clothing.
1834.--     Dr. James. M. Habard at his residence on the Stockade.
1837.--     High School for Young Ladies, Columbus, Ohio.
1838.--     Jesse Hildebrand, Stage Proprietor, is commended by many citizens of the county.
1839.--     S. P. Hildreth, Secretary of the Marietta Anti-Slavery Society, calls a meeting at the College Chapel.
1832.--     New firm of Joseph Holden and his son William.  (1834) Partnership dissolved.
1836.--     W. J. & J. Holden.
1839.--     Hoadley & Wheeler manufacture carriages.  Will grind corn for one-eight.  -William Wheeler retires, and Lorenzo M. Parker and Geo. H. Richards join the firm of M. Hoadley & Co.

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1833.--     Meeting called to form a mutual insurance company.
1838.--     Wm. J. Jarvis sells horse-power threshing machines at Marietta.
1836.--     Junia Jennins.  Boot and Shoe store.  (1837) Removed to Greene street between Second and Third streets.
1835.--     Joseph Kelly, Chairman of the House of Carpenters and Joiners of Marietta.
1836.--     Orinda H. King, Milliner and Mantua Maker.
1835.--     James Kirby, new tailor ship.
1834.--     P. Lapham publishes the Marietta Gazette.  (1835) New hat store and grocery.
1839.--     Leesburg Lottery.
1832.--     J. Lewis, Tailoring business on Ohio street.  (1836) Proprietor of the Mansion House.
1838.--     L. Lewis wishes to sell lots in Lewisburg in Belpre township.
1835.--     John S. Ligget, of Zanesville, Dentist, will visit Marietta every three months.
1837.--     Laddington & Co.'s Menagerie.
1833.--     Benjamin Lundy, City of Washington, publishes the Genius of Universal Emancipation.
1839.--     John Lytle has a new water wheel.
1838.--     Thompson Mackentosh [sic] has a "Barber's Emporium" at the Mansion House.
1838.--     E. N. Manning, Dentist, at the Mansion House.
1833.--     Marietta Collegiate Institute, Henry Smith, Professor of Languages.  Dr. John Cotton.  President of the Board of Trustees.
1836.--     Marietta Female Seminary.  Teachers, Misses C. and D. Webster, Miss Goodwin, and Miss Little.
1833.--     Marietta Gazette, Delafield & Nye.  No. June 29.
1831.--     Marietta Lyceum meets at Young Ladies' School Room.  Lecture on astronomy.
1831.--     Marietta Museum at Major Hills's on Greene street.
1833.--     Marietta Steam Saw and Grist Mill.  R. Crawford and D. Protsman.
1839.--     Maryland State Lottery.
1833.--     Mons. G. M. Martin will teach French.
1831.--     John McCoy, Tailor.
1837.--     J. C. McCoy, Secretary of Washington County Anti-Slavery Society.
1838.--     John McCune and John Dodge wish proposals for making and laying 500,000 bricks at Beverly.
1833.--     Dr. Meacham & Begelow will remain for a few weeks in Marietta to perform dental operations.
1831.--    John Mills & co.  New goods.  (1832) Partnership with Luther Edgerton dissolved.  -New firm, John Mills, Samuel Shipman, Noah Wilson. (1834) Wooden buckets from Beaver, Pennsylvania.  -White marble for tombstones.

1835.--     Mills, Wilson & Co. will pay $1.25 a cord for good hickory and sugar-tree wood.  -Have just received 400 pieces of wall paper.  (1836) Satin beaver bonnets.  (1838) Firm of Mills, Wilson & Co. dissolved.

1839.--     J. Melrose will lecture on "Phrenology" at the Court House.
1834.--     Lieut. E. G. Mitchell, Recruiting Officer for regular army.
1831.--     Morgan & Co.  goods from Philadelphia.
1832 .--    Morgan & Woodbridge.  (1833) Latin books and salt for sale.
1833.--     Morgan & Woodbridge.  (Partnership dissolved.
1838.--     M. J. Morse and W. P. Morse have formed a partnership in the tanning business.
1834.--     Marcellus J. Morse, Tannery.
1835 .--    Harrison Muncy, New Barber shop.
1839.--     Dr. O. Nellis, at Watertown.
1839.--     Oliver Nelson, Wagon-maker.
1836.--     S. Newton.  New store in the building formerly occupied by D. C. Skinner on Point Harmar.
1838.--     D. W. Noble.  Books at auction.
1839.--     Norfolk Lottery.
1836.--     Valuable collection of books for sale at the office of Arius Nye.
1836.--     A. S. Nye, Secretary of the Marietta Fire Company No. 1
1833.--     A. T. Nye, Secretary of the Marietta Library.
1836.--     A. T. Nye and Co. have a new pattern of side-hill plow.
1835.--     Ichabod Nye wishes to sell or rent his tannery.
1835.--     Edward D. Otter.  Plastering.
1833.--     Col. Ephraim Palmer orders officers' muster of First Regiment.
1835.--     Partnership of Parker & Thompson is dissolved.
1839.--     Petersburg Lottery.
1832.--     Petition to have Legislature declare Duck Creek navigable.
1831.--     Polish meeting called October 4, to assist the Poles.
1839.--     Lorenzo Potter has house for sale on Fourth street.
1837.--     Dr. Pratt locates at Barlow.
1838.--     The Rt. Rev. Dr. Purcell, Bishop of Cincinnati, is expected to address the citizens at the New Court House at 3 o'clock, Sunday, May 6.

1839.--     Bishop Purcell will dedicate the new Catholic Church November 10.
1837.--     David Putnam, President of the Washington County Mutual Fire Insurance Company.
1833.--     Douglas Putnam, Secretary of the Washington County Bible Society.  (1834) Agent of Protection Insurance Company.  (1835) Secretary of Marietta College.  (1838) Asks proposals for making a graded landing at the foot of Franklin street in Harmar.

1835 .--    Wm. Pitt Putnam advertises Washington Association of Universalists to meet at Belpre.
1834.--     Raymond & Ogden's Menagerie.
1831.--     E. Rector & Co.  New goods.  (1833) Enoch Rector retires. Business continued by Waterman Palmer and Elijah Short.
1839.--     J. D. & A. B. Regnier have a new grocery and produce store on Greene street.
1839.--     Dr. F. Regnier, at his office on Point Harmar.
1832.--     J. L. Riddell prepares botanical specimens for sale.
1839.--     C. Robbins will give instruction on flute playing at Mrs. Robbins' on Second street.
1834.--     Lewis Ruffner, of Kanawha Salines, offers $100 for recovery of "Negro man named Howard, very black."
1839.--     C. J. Shepherd has a supply of piano music.
1831.--     Shipman & Woodbridge.  Fresh assortment of goods, at store on Point Harmar.  (1832) Partnership dissolved.
1836.--     S. shipman.  New store.
1837.--     Charles and Samuel Shipman.  New goods and new firm.
1832.--     David C. Skinner.  New goods, at store on Point Harmar.
1831.--     W. & S. Slocomb.  New store on Ohio street, also a bookbindery.
1835.--     Wm. Slocomb has his bookbindery in front of the College.
1838.--     Slocomb & Buck.  Boots and shoes, also a bookbindery.
1837.--     Silas Slocomb wishes an apprentice for house painting and glazing.
1835.--     L. Soyez wants 500 cords of steamboat wood. -Forwarding and commission merchant.  (1837) Wholesale and retail grocery. -2,500 pounds of Lippet cheese (The Lippets probably lived then near the present site of Bell Valley station.)  (1838) Fresh oysters.

1839.--     I. V. Smith, of Harmar, will cement cisterns.
1837.--     Washington Smith has purchased Bosworth & Putnam's stock of goods in Harmar.
1839.--     Stafford, McCune & Slevin.  Wholesale and retail grocers, on Ohio street.
1834.--     Amzi Stanley, Tailoring.
1838.--     Stewart & Co. of Harmar.  Partnership dissolved.
1831.--     Augustus Stone pays cash for wool.
1832.--     Stone, Bosworth & Co. will receive in payment for goods, flaxseed, hemp, tar, deer skins and horns, flannel, linen, ginseng, snakeroot, etc.  (1835) Will receive in payment, flaxseed, deer skins, hams, and horns.  Kentucky jeans, &c.

1835.--     Stone & Co. have just received 300 pieces of wall paper.  (1836) Four good New Orleans boats for sale.  (1838) Eclectic series of school books for sale. -Will close their store at Roxbury.

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1839.--     Secretary of Waterford Turnpike Company gives notice that the books are open for subscription to the stock.
1832.--     Swearingen & Slocomb have dry goods, hardware and groceries. Will take in payment for goods, deerskins, flax, flannel, venison, hams, &c.

1832.--     Jasher Taylor.  Cloth dressing on Third street, ear the Ohio
1837.--     Anti-Slavery publications for sale by L. Temple.
1832.--     John Teft.  Pump maker.
1833.--     Weston Thomas and David C. Skinner.  New firm and new goods.
1831.--     Billy Todd has a woolen factory in the old cotton factory building.  Carding 6 ¼ cents a pound.
1834.--     Dr. Trevor, at his office on Greene street.
1839.--     Partnership between Clark Tunis and Franklin Middleswart is dissolved.
1835.--     T. & A. Vinton manufacture sole leather.  (1836) Cash for deer skins.
1838.--     Virginia State Lottery for the benefit of the town of Wheeling.
1831.--     Nahum Ward offers cash for material for Duck Creek Bridge. (1835) Wishes to sell Wolf Creek Mill.  (1836) Wishes proposals for building sawmill and dam on Monday Creek, four miles from Nelsonville.  (1839) Will sell town lots in town of Bonn.

1838.--     Dr. Walter Ward.  Office n basement of Nahum ward's Land Office.
1831.--     Wm. Ward, Cooper.
1839.--     Wellsburg Lottery.
1839.--     Wheeling Lottery.
1836.--     T. B. Wackham and J. C. Gilman.  Tailors.  (1837) Partnership dissolved.
1839.--     Chas. F. Witts of Bonn will take jobs of plastering in Marietta.
1834.--     Wm. A. Whittlesey, Secretary of Washington County Agricultural society.  (1835) Asks proposals for building a brick poorhouse.
1838.--     Whittlesey & Harte, Attorneys-at-Law.
1831.--     Whitney & Stone wish to purchase saw logs.
1838.--     James D. Wilson manufactures chairs on Market street.
1838.--     Noah L. Wilson has 3,00 pounds of maple sugar for sale.  (1839) As Secretary asks proposals for building toll house at Duck Creek and Little Muskingum.

1832.--     J. Withrow.  Saddles and harness.
1836.--     James Withrow manufactures saddles on Ohio street.
1834.--     Dudley and Geo. M. Woodbridge have taken the store formerly occupied by Morgan & Woodbridges.  (1835) Manito rope for sale. -Fourteen dozen gentlemen's stocks for sale.  (1836) Removed to corner west of Market street.

1837.--     D. Woodbridge and D. C. Racer form a partnership to carry on the mercantile business.
1839.--     Mrs. Woodruff has on hand a few ready-made hats for the ladies.

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