Gilman M[ethodist] E[piscopal] Church

Marietta, Ohio (west side, Harmar)

Membership Directory



Mary Adams, Country.

Samuel Adams, 400 Lancaster.

Levi Barber, 407 Fort.

King Bauer, Wood.

Mary Bauer, Wood.

Mr. and Mrs. D. Bishop, 137 Franklin.

Mr. and. Mrs. Jacob Boyle, 310 Harmar.

Chas, Boyle, 310 Harmar.

Mrs. Jennie Boyle, Maple.

Mrs. Mattie Bell, 119 Franklin.

Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Bell, Country.

Mr. and Mrs. Rees Babb, 139 Franklin.

Harry Babb, 139 Franklin.

Chas. Bodmar, 411 Market.

Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Beagle 111 Harmar.

Otis Beagle, 111 Harmar.

Mary Beagle, 111 Harmar.

Mr. and Mrs. Pearl Brabham, 417 Fort.

Mrs. Elizabeth Boothby, New St.

Isabell Boothby, Fort.

Martha Boothby, 123 New.

Edward Bumgartner, Maple.

Mrs. Rose Breckenridge, Maple.

Mrs. Eliza Buzzard, 213 Franklin.

Mrs. Clara Burchett, Harmar.

Mrs. Alice J. Crooks, 310 Gilman Ave,

Merle R. Crooks, 310 Gilman Ave.

Floyd S. Crooks, 310 Gilman Ave.

Mary Curtis, 316 Fourth.

Lucy Curtis, 316 Fourth.

Mr. and Mrs. Garrett Coler, 306 Gilman Ave.

John R. Carter, Country.

Mrs. Rachel Cook, 313 Market.

Mrs. Laura Cook, 304 Market.

Mr. and Mrs. John Cook, Country.

Stella Cook, Country.

Nessie Craig, 306 Franklin.

Mr. and Mrs. William Carpenter. 129 Franklin.

Mr. and Mrs. William Clark, 120 Gilman Ave.

Robert Clark. 120 Gilman Ave.

Ivan Clark, 120 Gilman Ave.

Mr. and Mrs. Congrove. 103 Pearl.

Mrs. Florence Dye, Cor. Maple and Gilman Ave.

Mrs. Lottie Dyer, Country.

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Devol, 712 Front.

Frank Devol 722 Front.

Mrs. Sarah Davis, 124 Franklin.

Mrs. Anna Dare, Country.

Mr. and Mrs. Francis Dewees, 417 Franklin.

Mr. and Mrs. John 0. Day, 322 Harmar.

Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Dunbar, 206 Harmar.

Mr. and Mrs. William Evans, Fourth.

Flora Evans, Fourth.

Lettie Evans, Fourth.

Mrs. Hattie Etz, 415 Fort,

Mrs. Lucy Echelberry, 200 Gilman Ave.

Mrs. E. A. Ellenwood, Country.

Mr. and Mrs. George Early, 131 Ward.

Mrs. Alice Foster, 210 Maple.

Mrs. M. J. Griffeth, Gilman Ave.

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Finch, Country.

Mr. and Mrs. Lon Finch, Cor. Maple and Franklin.

Myra Finch, 313 Gilman Ave.

Bernice Finch, Country.

Mrs. Hattie M. Finch, 213 Market.

Lida Finch 213 Market,

Hattie Finch 213 Market,

Martha Flanders, 310 Lord.

Mrs. Jane Ford, Zanesville, Ohio.

Mrs. Maggie Fowler, West Virginia.

Mary Fowler, 135 Front.

Maud Fowler, 135 Front.

Stephen Francis, near Ward St.

Prof. J. B. Fairchild, Maple.

Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Gibson, 227 Franklin.

Mr. and Mrs. John Goodman, 233 Sixth.

Addie Gossett, 305 Harmar.

Florence Grass, Maple.

William Geyer, Country.

Mr. and Mrs. John Harrington, Country.

Myra Harrington, Country.

Lizzie Harrington, Country.

Anna Harrington, Country.

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Hanna, Country.

Ida Hanna, Country.

Lucy Hanna, Country.

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hoff, Country.

Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Hutchinson, Lord.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Heckler, 417 Franklin.

Florence Hale, 601 Knox.

Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Hesson, 305 Fort.

Mr. and Mrs. William Judd, 328 Franklin.

Mr. and Mrs. James Johnson, 313 Gilman Ave.

Arabella Johnson, 313 Gilman Ave.

Morris Johnson, 313 Oilman Ave.

Mr. and Mrs. George Kellner, 907 Fort.

Mrs. Florence Kellner, 120 Gilman Ave.

Mrs. Hattie Kieger. Country.

Martha Kelly, 316 Franklin.

Mrs. Annie Keeps, 133 Ohio.

Harry Keeps, 133 Ohio.

Eva Kiesner, Fort.

Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Loffland, 404 Franklin.

Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Lashley, Stone.

Dudley Lashley, Stone.

Theodore Lashley, Stone.

Mrs. Anna Landon, Franklin.

Mr. and Mrs. William Long, 305 Fort.

Sarah Morse, Gilman Ave.

Marie Milam, 216 Harmar.

Mr. and Mrs. John Morgan, Country.

Mrs. Irene McCoy, City.

Mr. and Mrs. William Mathews, 148 Harmar.

Nettie Mathews, 113 Church Alley.

Mrs. Rachel McNara, Country.

Minnie McNara, Country.

Carrie McNara, Country.

Lina Morton, 607 Knox.

Mr. and Mrs. George Mitchell, 822 Franklin.

Mary Mitchell, 305 Market.

Isabella Mitchell, 305 Market,

Nancy Mitchell, Country.

Mrs. Amanda Miller, Country.

Flora Moore, Moore's Junction.

Mrs. Fredrica Moore, 117 Franklin.

Clara Miller, Country.

Mrs. Lizzie McAtee, 900 Fort.

Mrs. M. Masters. Country.

Mr. and Mrs. James McCammon, Maple.

Mrs. Rebecca McDonald, City.

Mrs. Emma Mullin, 140 Front.

Mrs. Jane Price, 119 Franklin.

Mr. and Mrs. John Price, 316 Harmar.

Fred Price, 316 Harmar.

Hattie Price, 316 Harmar.

Mrs. Maud Price, Harmar.

Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Preston, 408 Lancaster.

Edward Preston, 405 Lancaster.

Mrs. Laura Preston, 318 Harmar.

Mrs. Belle Preston, Cor. Maple and Franklin.

Mrs. Mary Preston, 215 Gilman Ave.

Mrs. Mary Pugh, 405 Front.

Mrs. Louisa Pfieffer, 144 Franklin.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Pfieffer, Stone.

Mrs. Elizabeth Parker, 134 Franklin.

Ida Parker, 134 Franklin.

Grace Parker, 134 Franklin.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Pitts, Country.

Mrs. Louisa Prior, Country.

Mr. and Mrs. Rollo G. Putnam, 125 Front.

Mrs. M. A. Payne, 322 Franklin.

Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Payne, 212 Putnam Ave.

Mr. and Mrs. Orlando Pigott, 405 Fort.

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Pfaff. 330 Franklin.

Mrs. Ella Parlin. 115 New.

Mr. and Mrs. George Racer, Lancaster.

Mrs. Lizzie Reed. Country.

Mattie Reppert, Country.

Mr. and Mrs. John Skipton. 145 Lancaster.

W. Skipton. 145 Lancaster.

Jessie Skipton, 104 New.

Mrs. Anna Smith. 406 Harmar.

Mrs. Lois Shawhan, Country.

Mrs. Lew Scott. Country.

Mrs. Sarah A. Scott, 131 Lancaster.

Sabra Scott. Lord.

John Scott, 101 Gilman Aye.

Marion Scott, Lord.

Nina Scott, 101 Gilman Aye.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stage, 117 Fort.

Hattie Stage 117 Fort.

Brasilia Stage, Knox.

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Steadman. 1ll Church Alley.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sprague, Fourth.

Hattie Sprague, Fourth.

Mrs. Cloe Sprague, 316 Franklin.

Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Sayre, 503 Front.

India Elbert.

Laura Sayre, 503 Front.

F. T. Stanwood, 125 Ohio.

Mrs. Sallie Stratton, 214 Putnam Ave.

Mrs. Cynthia Spaulding, 209 Knox.

Mrs. Emma Spaulding, 209 Knox.

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Taylor, 118 Gilman Ave.

Mr. and Mrs. Teft, Harmar.

Byron Teft, Harmar.

Mr. and Mrs. W. Z. Taylor. Parkersburg, W. Va.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Toler, 404 Lord.

Mr. and Mrs. James 0. Teft, Harmar.

Byron Teft, Harmar.

Mrs. Agnes Underwood, 405 Fort.

Hanna Wilson, 120 Wood.

F. C. Wilson, Ohio.

Anna M. Wooster, 215 Gilman Ave.

Mr. and Mrs. H. Wyncoop, 415 Fort.

Katie Witikind, Country.

Lucy Witikind, Country.

Linnie Witikind, Country.

Katie C. Witikind, Country.

Belle White, 219 Franklin.

Mrs. Maggie Williams, 201 Franklin.

Mrs. Sylvania Zearing, 130 Gilman Ave.

Winifred Zearing, 130 Gilman Ave.



Mrs. Lucy M. Brabham.   

Blanche Teft.