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Abdy, Harry Bennett, On the Ohio (1919)
Alderman, R. R. & Sons, Centennial Souvenir of Marietta, Ohio (1887)
Altsheler, Joseph E., The Riflemen of the Ohio: A Story of the Early Days Along "The Beautiful River" (1919) (juvenile fiction)
Andrews, Israel Ward, Washington County, and the Early Settlement of Ohio (1877)
Andrews, Martin Register, History of Marietta and Washington County, Ohio, and Representative Citizens (1902)
Atkeson, Mary Meek, A Study of the Local Literature of the Upper Ohio Valley (1921)
Atwater, Caleb, A History of the State of Ohio (1838)
Barker, John Marshall, History of Ohio Methodism (1898)
Blanchard, Rufus, The Discovery and Conquest of the Northwest (1880)
Bownocker, John Adams, The Occurrence and Exploitation of Petroleum and Natural Gas in Ohio (1903)
Burnet, Jacob, Notes on the Early Settlement of the North-Western Territory, 1847
Burns, James Jesse, Educational History of Ohio (1906)
Burr, Aaron, The Trail of Col. Aaron Burr on an Indictment of Treason (1807)
Burr, Aaron, Reports of the Trials of Colonel Aaron Burr (1808)
Campbell, John Wilson and Eleanor W. Campbell, Biographical Sketches (1838) (Fearing, Meigs, Putnam)
Chaddock, Robert, Ohio Before 1850 (1908)
Cotton, Willia Dawson, Sketch of Mound Cemetery (1900)
Cramer, Zadock,
The Navigator, Containing Directions for Navigating the Monongahela, Allegheny, Ohio, and Mississippi Rivers, 7th edition (1811); (pages 87 through 92 include Washington County along the Ohio and Muskingum Rivers)
Cramer, Zadock, The Navigator, Containing Directions for Navigating the Monongahela, Allegheny, Ohio, and Mississippi Rivers, 9th edition (1817); (pages 84 through 89 include Washington County along the Ohio River)

Cumings, Samuel, The Western Pilot (1848); (pages 19 through 25 include Washington County along the Ohio River)
Cutler, Julia Perkins, and Ephraim Cutler Dawes, Life and Times of Ephraim Cutler, Prepared from HIs Journals and Correspondence (1890)
Cutler, Manasseh, Ohio in 1788 (1888)
Cutler, William Parker, Life, Journal and Correspondences of Rev. Manasseh Cutler, LL.D. (1888)
Dickinson, Cornelius Evarts, D.D., A History of Belpre, Washington County, Ohio (1920)
Dickinson, Cornelius Evarts, D.D., A History of Belpre, Washington County, Ohio (1920) (alternate digitization)
Dickinson, Cornelius Evarts, D. D., A History of the First Congregational Church of Marietta, Ohio (1896)
Dodge, Jacob Richards, Red Men of the Ohio Valley (1860)

Ellet, Elizabeth Fries Lummis, Pioneer Women of the West (1852)
Faris, John Thomson, Down the Ohio and the Mississippi (1955)
Faris, John Thomson, On the Trail of the Pioneers (1920)
Finley, James Bradley, and William Peter Strickland, Sketches of Western Methodism (1855)
Flint, Timothy, Recollections of the Last Ten Years (1826)
Fowke, Gerard, Archaeological History of Ohio: The Mound Builders and Later Indians (1902)
Frost, John, Heroes and Hunters of the West (1853)
Gage, Frances Dana Barker, Elsie Magoon, or The Old Still-house in the Hollow (1867, temperance, set in SE Ohio)
Gibbens, Alvaro F., Historic Blennerhassett Island Home (1914)
Gilkey, Elliott Howard, The Ohio Hundred Year Book: A Hand-book of the Public Men and Public Institutions of Ohio (1901)
Glines, W. H., Johnny Appleseed by One Who Knew Him (1922)
Grosvenor, Abbie Johnston, The Boy Pioneer (1917)
Harris, Thaddeus Mason, The Journal of a Tour into the Territory Northwest of the Alleghany (1805)
Hildreth, Samuel Prescott, Biographical and Historical Memoirs of the Early Pioneer Settlers of Ohio (1852)
Hildreth, Samuel Prescott, Contributions to the Early History of the North-west (1864)
Hildreth, Samuel Prescott, Pioneer History (1848)
Hoar, George F., Oration Delivered by George F. Hoar, of Massachusetts, April 7, 1788, at the Celebration of the Centennial of the Founding of the Northwest at Marietta, Ohio (1895)
Howe, Henry, Historical Collections of Ohio (1891 edition)
Howe, Henry, Historical Collections of Ohio (1900 vol. 1, 1904 vol. 2), transcribed version
Hulbert, Archer Butler, The Ohio River: A Course of Empire (1906)
Hulbert, Archer Butler, Pilots of the Republic: The Romance of the Pioneer Promoter in the Middle West (1906)
Hulbert, Archer Butler, The Records of the Original Proceedings of the Ohio Company, Vol. 1 (1917)
Hulbert, Archer Butler, The Records of the Original Proceedings of the Ohio Company, Vol. 2 (1917)
Hulbert, Archer Butler, The Records of the Original Proceedings of the Ohio Company, Vol. 3 (1918)
Hulbert, Archer Butler, Waterways of Westward Expansion (1903)
Hulbert, Archer Butler, and John Mathews, Ohio in the Time of Confederation (1918)
Huntington, Charles, A History of Banking and Currency in Ohio Before the Civil War (1916)
Jenkins, Warren, The Ohio Gazetteer, and Travel Guide (1840)
Kilbourn, John, Gazetteer of Ohio (1831)
King, Rufus, Ohio: First Fruits of the Ordinance of 1787 (1888)
Knight, George Wells, History and Management of Land Grants for Education in the Northwest Territory (1885)
Langdon, William Chauncy, The Pilgrim Tercentenary Pageant of Marietta, Ohio, 1620, 1788, 1920 (1920)
(Lewis, Meriwether) Quaife, Milo M., editor, The Journals of Capt. Meriwether Lewis and Sergeant Ordway Kept on the Expedition of Western Exploration 1803-1806 (1916)
Lloyd, James T., Lloyd's Steamboat Directory, and Disasters on the Western Waters (1856)
Marietta and Cincinnati Railroad Company, Annual Report (1851)
Marietta (Ohio) Board of Trade, Century Review of Marietta, Ohio (1900)
Marietta (Ohio) Board of Trade, Unveiling of a Bronze Tablet on Marietta College Campus Commemorating the First Permanent Settlement and the Inauguration of Civil Government 1788 (1906)
Marietta Chapter, DAR, Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in Washington County, Ohio (1923)
Marietta City Ordinances (1893)
Marietta College, Catalog of Marietta College Library (1857)
Marietta College, Catalogue, 1872/73 (1872)
Marietta College, The Addresses and Proceedings Connected with the Semi-Centennial Celebration of Marietta College, (1885)
Marietta College, General Catalogue, Marietta College,1835-1887 (1888)
Marietta College, General Catalogue, Marietta College,1835-1891 (1892)
Marietta College, Catalogue (1893)
Marietta College, Catalogue of the Officers and Alumni of Marietta College,1835-1901 (1901)
Marietta College, Catalog, 1918/19 (1919)
Marietta College, The Marietta Celebration of October 17-18, 1906: Containing full report of exercises and addresses delivered on the occasion of the dedication of Fayerweather Hall and the Library at Marietta College, and the Installation of the Ohio Company's Tablet on the College Campus (1906)
Marietta College, Celebration of the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary (1860)
Marietta College, The Seventy-fifth Anniversary of the Present Charter of Marietta College (1910)
Marietta Historical Commission, Ohio in the Time of the Confederation (1918)
The Mariettana (Marietta, Ohio, college yearbook) (1892)
May, John, Journal and Letters of Col. John May, of Boston (1873)
McDonnell, F. M., The Book of Marietta (1906)

Michener,Charles Hallowell, Ohio Annals: Historic Events in the Tuscarawas and Muskingum Valleys (1876)
Naylor, James Ball, In the Days of St. Clair (1902)
Newton, Charles H., Volunteers, Washington County, Ohio, War of the Rebellion 1861-65 (1913)
Northwest Territory, Laws of the Territory of the United States North-West of the Ohio, 1796
The Ohio River: Charts, Drawings, and Descriptions of Features Affecting Nagivation (1920 edition)
Ohio State Centennial Educational Committee, Historical Sketches of the Higher Educational Institutions of Ohio (1876)
Otis, James, (James Otis Kaler) Benjamin of Ohio (1912)
Pilgrim Tercentenary Pageant of Marietta (1920)
Pioneer Association (Marietta, Ohio), The Coming Centennial (1886)
Poor's Directory of Railway Officials (1887)
Powell, Thomas E., The Democratic Party of the State of Ohio (1913)
Powell, Lyman Pierson, Historic Towns of the Western States (1901)
Punchard, George, History of Congregationalism (1881)
Putnam, Rufus, Journal of General Rufus Putnam, preceded by a biographical sketch by E. C. Dawes (1886)
Putnam, Rufus, Memoirs, compiled by Rowena Buell  (1903)
Reed, George Irving; Emilius Oviatt; Charles Randall; Theodore Greve; Bench and Bar of Ohio: A Compendium of History and Biography (1897)
Report of the Centennial Commission of the Northwest Territory (1889)
Rosenberry, Lois, The Expansion of New England  (1909)
Safford, William Harrison, The Blennerhassett Papers (1864)
Safford, William Harrison, The Life of Harman Blennerhassett (1853)
Schermerhorn, John F., and Samuel J. Mills, A Correct View of that Part of the United States Which Lies West of the Allegany Mountains, with Regard to Religion and Morals (1814)
Sheldon, George, The Pathfinder at Marietta, Ohio, in 1888 (1909)
Siebert, William H., The Underground Railroad from Slavery to Freedom (1898)
Smith, Joseph Patterson, History of the Republican Party of Ohio (1898)
Smith, Thomas Church Haskell
Address at the Dedication of the Washington County Soldiers' Monument at Marietta, Ohio, September 17, 1875 (1875)
Smith, Thomas Church Haskell, Our Soldiers in the Field (1863)
Smith, William Henry, The St. Clair Papers: The Life and Public Services of Arthur St. Clair (1882)
Smith, William L. G., The Life and Times of Lewis Cass (1856)
Stewart, John, Highways and Hedges: Or Fifty Years of Ohio Methodism (1870)
Stimson, Rodney Metcalf, The Marietta Reading Club, 1864-1894 (1894)
Summers, Thomas Jefferson, History of Marietta (1903)
Sutton, J J, History of the Second West Virginia Cavalry Volunteers During the War of the Rebellion (1892)
Sweet, William W., The Rise of Methodism in the West: Being the Journal of the Western Conference 1800-1811 (1920)
Taylor, William Alexander, & Aubrey Clarence Taylor, Ohio Statesmen and Annals of Progress (1899)
Thomas, Cyrus, The Circular, Square, and Octagonal Earthworks of Ohio (1899)
Thwaites, Reuben Gold, Early Western Travels, 1748-1846 (1904)
Thwaites, Reuben Gold, Afloat on the Ohio (1897)
Venable, William Henry, Beginnings of Literary Culture in the Ohio Valley (1891)
Venable, William Henry, Footprints of the Pioneers in the Ohio Valley: A Centennial Sketch (1888)
United States Army Corps of Engineeers: The Ohio River: Charts, Drawings, and Description of Features Affecting Navigation (1916)
Wallcut, Thomas, Journal of Thomas Wallcut, in 1790 (1879)
Wickes, Thomas, Congregational Church (1847)
Wiggins & Weaver, Wiggins & Weaver's Ohio River Directory 1871-72
Williams, H. Z. and Bro., History of Washington County, Ohio, with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches (1881)
Wood, Charles Sealy, On the Frontier with St. Clair (1915)
Young, Rev. Jacob, Autobiography of a Pioneer: or, the Nativity, Experience, Travels, and Ministerial Labors of Rev. Jacob Young (1857) (Methodist)

Note: We have published an indexed reprint of the 1881 H. Z. Williams History  and for those who already own an original copy we also offer just the index.  For those who would rather have a real book in your hands, see Publications.

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